Friday, January 2, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

I haven't knitted for years but my daughter, who has taken up knitting, has brought me back to this pleasant pastime. I won this yarn awhile back at a blog giveaway hosted by Cinnamongirl at Happy Handwork. I thought these nifty fingerless mitts would be the perfect project. Aren't they cute? My hands tend to be cold in the winter and these warmers work really well to keep them warm while I'm at the computer. (They're not very handy if you have your hands in the dishwater. *snicker*)

I have an assortment of plastic and aluminum knitting needles purchased sometime back at a yard sale. However, for these, I purchased "new" bamboo needles and it was great fun using them. I'd list the pattern for you, but I modified one I found online, and sorta ad-libbed! So, I'm sorry, I can't give you the pattern. However, you can google for 'fingerless gloves knit pattern' or 'fingerless mittens knit pattern' and easily find a similar pattern online.

Now I'd like to make some wrist warmers. With beads!


Diane said...

(They're not very handy if you have your hands in the dishwater. *snicker*)

LOL - isn't the dishwater supposed to be warm? I could have used a pair of these at Borders today - the coffee shop was freezing.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Your mitts look fantastic! I know you will get lots of great use out of them. Nice work!

Renna said...

They're beautiful, and I am sorry to say, I coveted that yarn when you won it! ;-Þ

I have a niece who teaches cane travel at a school for the blind. She was thrilled to receive a pair of handknit fingerless gloves for Christmas from her Aunt Renna. She's put in a request for more, as they are perfect for someone who uses a cane!