Saturday, January 17, 2009

Extreme Cold (Why Don't They Make THAT a Reality Show!"

An AP article from Des Moines talks about the extreme low temperatures in Iowa this week.

Yesterday, Waterloo, Iowa experienced their all-time record low of -34 for January 16 and tied their all-time record low for the entire winter set way back in March, 1962.

Other extreme lows for January 16 included:

Embarrass, MN -46
International Falls, MN -41
Coggon, IA -40
Sterling, IL - 36 (a possible all-time low for Illinois
Necedah, WI -42
Paradox, NY -35
Island Pond, VT -42
Berlin, NH -39
Big Black River, MA -50 (a possible record low for Maine)
Allagash, MA -48
Clayton Lake, MA -44

The possible new record low in Big Black River, Maine breaks a previous state record of -45 set way back in 1925. What that means is this is the coldest its been there in eighty-four years and for umpteen years prior to that!

Let's look at these extreme temps in terms of heating your home. If the outdoor temp is say, 30 degrees, your furnace has to raise the indoor temp a mere 40 degrees in order to maintain a 70 degree room temp. That's lightweight duty for your furnace and your utility bill.

If, however, the thermometer plummets from 30 degrees down to -50, that means your furnace has the duty of raising your indoor temp a whopping 120 degrees in order to keep you toasty at 70. The difference on the load of your furnace is tremendous!

Do you see why old folk hate the cold? They've spent many years fighting it, both in terms of keeping warm and in terms of paying the bill. We, ourselves, are blessed in that we're able to pay all our bills, but there are many who struggle when utilities rise higher than normal.

By the way, it's warmer today in Anchorage, Alaska, than it is in Atlanta, Georgia.


Paula said...

Kinda puts "cold" into perspective, doesn't it??? We had a cold front move through and it got down into the 30's this week. I feel like such a baby complaining about being cold. Stay warm!!!

Diane said...

Um, not that I'm against sharing, but you're not planning on sending that stuff our way, are you? We got up to twenty above today.

And received two inches of snow along with it.

Stay inside if possible, bundle up well if not. Spring is only two months away!

cinnamongirl93 said...

My family lives in Georgia. Last night they got snow! My DH wants to move me away from our cold climate. I don't think I can leave the beauty of the seasons. I will agree with you that enough is enough of bitter cold!