Monday, January 12, 2009

The Saga of the Bone Cyst

He's broken his arm again. My grandson, that is. Last year (click here) he broke his arm hanging from a school monkey bar and his own weight snapped the arm. Unbeknownst to his parents, he had a bone cyst in the upper part of the humerus (the bone that connects to the shoulder). The cyst makes the bone weak and his weight was enough to snap the bone. You can read more about bone cysts here. For a very brief explanation, I quote the following...

"A unicameral bone cyst, otherwise known as a simple bone cyst, is a fluid-filled cavity in the bone, lined by compressed fibrous tissue. It usually occurs in the long bones of a growing child, especially the upper part of the humerus......."

The second break occurred from roughhousing on the playground. Fortunately, the break is not painful. Last July he wore a sling; no cast was required. Same this time. The healing process sometimes causes the cavity to fill in. In this instance that did not happen. So surgery may be in the process.

Is Grandson unduly concerned? Absolutely not. Today's event caused him to miss a math test. It was a good day in his opinion. The little rascal!


Cornfield Quilter said...

Good Morning! Thanks for the suggestion about the mat or rug under my desk. I will have to get me one. I love tile floors but they sure are cold in the winter. Thank goodness I have a wonderful space heater behind me to help keep me warm. Oh, the joys of working in an elevator! :D
I enjoy your blog and it really gives me a lift when I need one. Bless you!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Ha! I had to laugh when I read your last sentence. Your grandson sound like an adorable little rascal!

maxd said...

Hi, I found your blog by accident and have read it all, I really like it!
And yeah, bone cysts for a growing child is very bad in terms of possible surgery, I wish your grandson get well and healing process will be fast!