Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Adventures of Toby and Tink

I'm visiting my daughter and grandson this weekend in Minneapolis. Daughter drives a Volkswagon bug which makes it really difficult to purchase and haul home large items. She had been wanting to replace her old computer desk. I won't call it "antique" because I don't think particle board can be classified as such. However, it is older than the hills for sure.

So when I made the trip up here I drove our pickup. We've made one trip to the Goodwill to get rid of some things she wanted out of the house. And we've made two trips to Ikea where she purchased a puter desk and bookcase. Assembly followed. We both are tired as all get out.

Their two kitties, Toby and Tink, had great fun playing in the new furniture. You can click here to see their adventures in the new shelf unit as it lay assembled on the living room floor prior to our placing it up against the wall. They, being of simple mind, think we've done all this work simply to provide them with a new playground. Toby and Tink tend to be rather self-focused.


Laurie M. said...

I love kitties! It's all the fun and delight of having two year olds, without the trouble - they use the potty, bathe themselves, don't throw fits, and don't require a babysitter. (These are how I comfort myself for not being able to have children anymore!)

Dorothy said...

Toby and Tink are soooo cute! You mean you didn't go to all that trouble just for them?!

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Jana said...

Those kitties are so darn cute, I am amazed by your photograhy!! And that any peach pie could be saved! haha its been fun reading your blog and I was so blessed by the message in your profile. Thanks for sharing! im following right along now!