Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I Ate GREEN! It Tasted Weird! But Good.

I'd forgotten about green smoothies. Last year I made several after reading about them on the net.

Our garden contributed to today's lunch. (If you can call this lunch.)

Chard, collards, cucumber, beet greens, asparagus, a couple leaves of basil, one large tomato, half a frozen banana, and a half cup or more of cranberry juice. Blended into a Green Smoothie.

There is no "real" recipe. You simply dump whatever you have on hand into a blender, making sure there is some juice to juice things up a bit. You could add more fruit to make it more fruity. Or, a dill cucumber. Or tabasco. Celery. Apple juice is good. Whatever.

I'll admit two things. First...each concoction tastes different that the previous. Secondly, they all taste a bit "different". As in "weird". But if you have an open mind, most of them taste surprisingly pleasant. You get a ton of fresh veggie vitamins plus the fiber.

DISCLAIMER: A green smoothie of raw veggies is not recommended for those readers who are currently undergoing chemo and whose white blood counts may be low. With low white counts, the immune system is not working well. Raw veggies may contain bacteria, etc., that a normal person handles very well, but persons with a compromised immune system are usually advised by their doctor/nurse to eat cooked foods only.


Elle Bee said...

I love this! What a great idea and a wonderful nutrition boost. Add a few ice cubes and it's a smoothie. Thanks for the great tip.

Debby said...

When my brother in law lived with us, he was an avid juicer. I learned to love apples, cukes, and celery juiced together. A lot.

Sandy said...

Sounds healthy but there is no way that I could get by the color. Yuck!

yiddle said...

ya know, it didn't sound TERRIBLE until you through that banana in there :P

Tracey said...

What a great idea.. Although i must admit that i expected to read that you'd made a Sprout, Spinach and cabbage smoothie. Phew to that haha xx