Monday, August 10, 2009

Driving a Country Mile - Or Three Hundred!

I'm Back! Home again, that is. Drove over 300 miles today, mostly on back roads. Today I needed to make a couple out-of-the-way stops so I used Mapquest at to plan my route. Mapquest is useful but tends to use routes that include major highways, even it if means adding extra miles to do so.

So I searched for "shortest" trip, rather than "quickest" trip and was greatly surprised to see the quickest trip was 48 miles longer than the shortest trip. So I found myself meandering south through the central part of Iowa on small country roads. There were a couple stretches of gravel road but I jogged east or west to avoid those. All in all, it was an easy trip with very little traffic and I saw new parts of Iowa that I had not seen before. Mostly small towns, too small to even brag a decent quick-shop gas station. I didn't mind foregoing hectic interstate driving for this more sedate route.

Remember the peach pie that I baked for my hubby to eat while I was gone? He saved a slice for me. Whatta Guy! He must have missed me something terrible to do something that sweet, dontcha think?


Shopping Kharma said...

Sounds like an adventure. I miss road trips and hope to take one soon! My best tool ever is my beloved GPS system. My honey got me one a few years ago for my 37th birthday? Anyway, my chemobrain can get me lost anywhere and now there's no more frantic lost calls to my honey. Now I never get lost that much anymore. I can't go to many places with out it. I used to print up directions and now I rely on this little technology and it's the best. Anyway thank you so much for the encouragement you have given me these last couple of days. I wish you all the best and many, many more road trips to come!

Dorothy said...

Your hubby sounds like a keeper to me!

Glad you had such a pleasant trip home.

Denise said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! And peach pie! Yum!

Shelly said...

Sometimes it's the little things that show us how much they love us.

Daria said...

I read or hear this somewhere ... one man telling another ... if you want to show a woman you love her ... you give her an unexpected gift at the most unexpected time.