Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Which WhiteStone Am I ?

I selected the name "whitestone" probably 15 years ago after studying Revelation 2:17. I was fascinated by the seven letters to the church and was particularly taken with this verse.

That winter we spent a month in southern California. It was our daily habit to walk the beach. Sometimes I found sand dollars and small seashells to add to my collection. There were also numerous black polished rocks washed up by the waves. But now and then I would find a smooth white stone. I added these stones to my shell collection.

I was so taken with the "white stone" of Rev. 2:17 that I began using "whitestone" as my moniker on the computer at the office where I worked....except that the computer (fifteen years ago) would allow only seven letters for that particular use. This meant my name was listed as "whitest" and not "whitestone". It was considerable time before I realized that to the casual observer (my co-workers) my abbreviated name was racist in tone! Whitest! Yikes! So I changed names. I don't even remember what new name I used.

Later, when I began blogging, I again selected "whitestone". Only I realized again that this might be considered racist. As in "whitest-one". Oh, Dear. Foiled again.

So I capitalized my name as "WhiteStone". On my blog, the name automatically appears as WHITESTONE, all in caps. I don't know how to change that. But if I comment on your blog, it appears as WhiteStone.

This morning I browsed a blog by a rather well-known pastor in Minneapolis. This particular post had brought in 646 comments! I was casually reading some of them (not all 646!) when I ran across comments by Whitestone! And it wasn't me!

So if you see "Whitestone" in whatever mode of capitalization, be warned that it may or may not be me.

Just sign me WhiteStone. The original WhiteStone. No late wannabe. Just me.

And when I get that white stone with my new name written on it, I'll let you know what it is. So you'll know what to call me. All I know now is that it will be a lovely name and totally without racist connotation.


blushing rose said...

Gotcha! TTFN ~Marydon

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, WhiteStone, I'm glad you cleared that up! I "get it"; no explanation necessary. I'm all about some Revelation and getting my new name.

Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving your encouraging comment. I'm so honored to have you there; you are welcome anytime. If there is any specific way I can pray for you this week, please leave me an email message along those lines.

Blessings and peace to you as you walk your week.


Debby said...

Oh, WhiteStone, I had to laugh out loud at the picture of you realizing that you might be mistaken for a rascist. I imagine when God give you your name, there won't be any mistaking what He means.

Elle Bee said...

Oh! I never even thought of whitest one, but now that you mention it I guess it could be misread. I've always just known you as WhiteStone and have often wondered at it's origin.

Daria said...

It is always interesting to hear the stories behind the names ...

Denise said...

I was wondering how you came up with the name. Thanks. :)

And I usually use NIV in my references but I discovered that English Contemporary version and thought I would look it up in that particular passage.

Laurie M. said...

The whitest one never occurred to me either. I always figured it was a reference from the Revelation. But I must admit, I always have to think first whether your moniker is White Stone or Gray Stone, because the first picture I ever saw of you was of your silver hair, and for some reason white/gray hair come to mind (though I know that neither quite applies for you at just this moment). So I remind myself, "It's the Revelation passage, so it's WHITE stone."

Glynis said...

Lovely. What a sweet explanation for your moniker. Racist? Nah...never even crossed my mind. x