Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Way to a Man's Heart.....

I'm looking forward to a weekend visit with my daughter and grandson. But that means I had to first take care of some tomatoes from the garden and some peaches from a friend.

The result is canned tomatoes, canned peaches and peach jam. And a dozen peaches left for a pie which is currently in the oven.

I figure if I leave a peach pie on the counter, my hubby won't forget all about me while I'm gone. Do ya suppose!!?

That peach pie is smelling pretty good right now....I have to have at least ONE slice before I head to Minnesota tomorrow!

Today's Hint (which has nothing to do with a man's heart) is this...when canning fruits or vegetables, use a crayon to mark the year on the lid. Do it before the lids have cooled...the warm lid will cause the crayon to melt-write.

If you plan to do some canning this summer, be sure to use a current canning guide such as the Ball Blue Book of Preserving for the proper canning methods for each type of food. This book tells you how to can and preserve a variety of fruits and vegetables and will walk you through the process.


Glynis said...

You have the energy to do all that? You are amazing. I could barely move some days post chemo.
MMMMM...I'm thinking peach pie just might be a good idea! x

Elle Bee said...

There's that peach pie! :o)
I hope you have a wonderful time in Minnesota. (There's a special place in my heart for that state). :o)