Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Was There For Different Purpose

You might first want to read my previous post about being excused from jury duty today.

Then I will tell you that I really wasn't there for the purpose of being named a juror. No, God had other plans for me.

We fifty prospective jurors spent much time in the lobby, waiting. Some of us sat. Most of us stood or wandered around, for there were only a dozen or so seats. Many faces were familiar to me and I knew a handful of names.

But during the time that we stood visiting, wandering from one person to another, saying helloes, asking names, still waiting...during that time I met Dorothy from the little town up the road a ways. I graduated from high school in her little town. She noticed my very short hair and we struck up a conversation. (Funnily thing, one of the ladies that I knew thought I had simply cut my hair in a very short "do". Either that or she was not wanting to ask personal questions.) But this lady recognized the "post-chemo look". Come to find out she had ovarian cancer some thirteen years ago and continues to do well. Hers was a different cancer in that hers was encapsulated in a large tumor which they were able to completely remove with surgery. Mine was spread throughout the abdominal cavity. Still...it did my heart good to meet up with someone who had walked the OvCa road and is still doing well thirteen years later.

And That's the best reason I was at the courthouse this morning....to be encouraged.

God does have His ways.


Karen L. Holmes said...

Without a doubt, God brought you there, at just the right time, to speak to that woman and to be encouraged. We serve an awesome God...

Laurie M. said...

How kind of God to give you a dose of encouragement this morning!

Elle Bee said...

God makes all things work for good--even jury duty! (To which I've been called on 10/13. Maybe God has called me there for a special purpose too).

Debby said...

I am glad for you were encouraged. It has amazed me how many times I've been encouraged by others. Like you.


Daria said...

I'm so happy for you ... we need that bit of encouragement here and there. The journey is so difficult.

All the best to you.

Linda Armstrong said...

Last year, I was supposed to have one operation for a back problem. I ended up having two more operations to remove staph infection. Hospitals are supposed to be clean but there you have it. Well, these two extra operations led to any number of problems. What should have been a six week down time from my job has ended up costing me the ability to work full time at all. I may be able to work part time but I don't know.

Your story is incredibly inspirational on its own but I was happy to hear about others who gave you hope and inspiration as well.

God holds us up. I have a cousin now struggling with a form of leukemia. I think God may think He needs him more than we do. Who am I to disagree? I am grateful we have had time to tell him how much we love and care for him.

Thank you so very much for sharing. Have you read the book "The Shack"? It's one of those books that I'm not sure I completely agree with but I appreciated the point of view and if you haven't read it, it might be a book for the waiting room.