Monday, September 14, 2009

Sewing Lessons

I thought you'd like to see how I assemble the set of lessons for my ladies in jail. (click for a closer view)

We're allowed to take in paper, Bibles, and other printed materials. But we cannot take in pencils or a variety of other things that can be used as weapons. Yeah, I know, a wood No. 2 pencil doesn't seem like much of a weapon, but over in the men's section, some guy actually managed to stab one of his fellows with one. So there ya go. No pencils.

However, the women can buy writing instruments of a different sort. The commissary (or whatever they call it) sells them plastic refills for ballpoint pens. Yep. Just the refills. Plastic.

You'd be surprised what inmates can think up in regards to "making do". Even metal staples could be collected and used somehow as a weapon. (Don't ask me how! I never tried it!) And so, instead of stapling this 13-page lesson set, I sew them together.

So how did ya like the title of this blog? Sewing lessons. Get it?! ;-)


Debbie said...

That is very clever.

Scott said...

I get it.

Good one.

Daria said...

Love the title ... very creative solution.