Monday, September 21, 2009

Is This Vacation? If So, When Does It End?

If you've noticed, I haven't posted much this past week. You might think it was because we spent the weekend visiting our daughter and grandson up north. Where we had a good time. We had Friday night dinner at a Greek restaurant. We yard saled. (Did you know "saled" is not in the dictionary?) We put together jigsaw puzzles. (Never buy a black and white jigsaw puzzle made from a very fuzzy black and white photo. Black and white fuzzies do not a good puzzle make.) We just generally relaxed.

We headed back to Iowa on Sunday. When road traffic should have been light. With sensible drivers. But, no, we met a number of crazy idiots out there. Which kept us on our toes. Except for the time I napped. I don't nap well on my toes. Nope. Had to recline the seat for my nap. So while I was napping, hubby stayed on his toes. Because there were idiot drivers out to get us. One almost did.

No, my slackness in not writing is not due to a short trip to the State of Minnesoda. (I'm part Swedish so I can pronounce and spell Minnesoda any way I want. If you're Irish or Polish or perhaps Italian or anything non-Scandinavian, you must pronounce and spell appropriately without the Swedish accent.)

I must confess my slackness is because I simply can't think of anything to write. Except that I finally have eyebrows and lashes again. But that may not sound all that enlightening, or exciting, or inspirational, or worthy of blogland. But there it is. I no longer have to worry about drawing matching eyebrows. Several times I had to erase and start over because one brow was higher than the other which sorta gave me a "raised eye-brow" look. You know what I mean? You may not think that is any big deal but I'm telling you that without a dotted line to follow, drawing eyebrows is a tricky task.

Thankfully, brows and lashes are back.

So in regards to writing, please be patient. I'll be back shortly.


Debby said...

Eyebrows and eyelashes are a big, big deal! Of course that is blogworthy!

WhiteStone said...

Aw, Debby, thanks!

Elle Bee said...

I can't imagine drawing matching eyebrows! I'd look surprised or quizzical every day. Glad the real one are back for ya!

Daria said...

I'm going through a dry spell too ... not sure why.

jkosborne said...

I remember being thrilled when I could put on mascara again and had real eyebrows once more. Those are all the "little" things that you don't really think about with cancer until it happens to you. Glad you got home safely even if it was a little hair raising.

Kerry Osborne

Laurie M. said...

Yes, eyebrows are a big deal. I'm happy to hear that little ordeal has ended for you.

As for your writing, you may have noticed I'm going through the same thing. Mainly because I have a study to prepare for that starts in a few weeks, but also because having hubby unemployed also means having him home all the time, which leaves me less time for creative thinking. He tries to leave the house to give me time to write, but, well, unlike him, I'm a slow writer. I need half a day to write a blog post, not the half hour it takes him.

I look forward to your next bout of creativity.