Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Trying To Maintain Some Sense of Privacy Here!!!!

I have several blogs that I enjoy reading. For various reasons. I enjoy crafts, quilting, recipes, etc. And lately, I've entered the world of cancer blogs. So you see, I'm reading a number of blogs written by a wide variety of people on a wide variety of topics.

Dandy, over at Spontaneous Clapping, has given me an assignment to post 10 things you might not know about me.

She may not realize that the reason you don't know those ten things about me is because I have chosen not to reveal them to the worldwide net! Yikes, Dandy, you have no idea how private a person I am! (Private? I'm a blogger. Does that make sense?)

But here goes...

1. My favorite recent book was "Giants in the Earth" by Rolvaag. My friends considered it depressing. I found it to be an heroic saga of Norwegian immigrants to South Dakota. Rolvaag, of course, was a Norwegian immigrant.

2. When out walking I talk to the dogs that we meet. And I think they understand my words to them. Go figure.

3. In a glass box on my dresser are two braids of hair from when I cut my daughter's hair 30 years ago.

4. We once had a family of ground squirrels die inside the wall of our coat closet. Eeew!

5. I was once inside the locker room of the old Denver Broncos Mile High Stadium.

6. I can repair most vintage Singer sewing machines unless someone dropped them off a 10-story building. The key word is "most". (They're really basic simple machines.)

7. I was once inside Corcoran prison when four men were stabbed in an altercation in the yard. A single door separated my companions and me from the yard.

8. Once upon a time, fresh out of high school, I worked for THE Howard Hughes. But I never met him.

9. Detasseling corn was my summer job as a teen. Summer "vacation" didn't seem like much of a vacation to me.

10. I like to collect "little" things and occasionally swipe a Legos people from my grandson's bedroom. (Surely he's noticed for my little collection of little people sits on a shelf in the guest room where he sleeps when he comes to visit.)

So there you have it. Ten things you probably didn't know before. I hope my grandson does not read this blog. If he hasn't noticed Gramma's Lego people, he will now know all about them. And he'll know where they came from. And he may swipe his Legos people back to his house. And my shelf will be bare. And I will miss those little people. And be sad.


cinnamongirl93 said...

Waht an interesting post. I love how you talk to dogs when out for a walk. I guess if you can it's o.k. for me to do so too. Really, I talk to my dogs all of the time!
I was shocked to read that you are a lego thief! LOL!
Thanks for the fun read!

Debbie said...

Doesn't everyone talk to the dogs that they meet? I know that I do. And good to know about "Giants in the Earth". It is on my TBR pile.

Elle Bee said...

Glad for the glimpse into your life Whitestone! :o) And I too have been known to have conversations with my dog. I'm sure she gets the gist. :o)
Detassling corn sounds like a delightful job! My first job was making sno cones.