Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is Take Three on Global Warming

The July 2009 temps in Iowa made for a new record cool July...the coolest since 1891. We experienced an average of 5.8 degrees below the "norm".

This means July 2009 was the coolest July in over 137 years of state records. You can read more about July here.

And August 2009 ranked as the 19th coolest August in those same 137 years.

I wonder if anyone has informed those who tout global warming about this year's coolness. Er, excuse me...it is currently fashionable to drop the "global warming" and call it "climate change". So I'm wondering if anyone as told these people that Iowa is currently "cooler" than the norm.

I have news for those who have falsely believed that Iowa (and world) climates have remained stable over eons and eons of time. Climates have always changed. The following is from a previous post...

Did you know that the State of Iowa has been covered with several glacial Ice Ages, the last one at its height a mere 20,000 years ago and melting a recent 13,000 years ago. Or so the experts tell us. So...with glaciers retreating from a major portion of Iowa so recently, relatively speaking, it would seem to me that we can consider weather cycling a rather recent phenomenon in terms of geological time (where scientists often speak in terms of millions of years, not thousands).

And did you know that the Northern Hemisphere experienced a Little Ice Age a mere 300-500 years ago. According to this PBS article (click here) glaciers advanced "in China, New Zealand, and Peru, and snow covered Ethiopian peaks." North America and Europe experienced disastrously cool temperatures in regards to crops and harvests.

You can read about the glaciers that covered a major portion of North America here. And more info here where you can view a small active map of the retreat of the glacial ice.

You can read my previous posts (and probably this one as well) by clicking here.

And now, I'm outta here. I'm heading outdoors with long sleeves to enjoy the Cool.


Sandy said...

Although I don't have the statistics I know it have been a pretty cool summer overall our here in the Arizona desert. I agreem temperatures change....get over it people!!

Daria said...

Our weather has been all over the place this summer ... today we are expecting 29C (84F) which is crazy for September.