Wednesday, February 24, 2010

During Which I Switch Topics: At Least for Now

You know what! It's difficult to follow such disturbing posts as those I wrote on Sunday and Tuesday. It's difficult to go from writing about the death of 7-year-old Lydia Schatz at the hands of her parents and then, the next day, to move on to other topics.

It's not that I have already, in a few days time, forgotten Lydia Schatz. Nor am I soon to forget how she died even though her death has not yet hit national news (Where are you, Oh, Great News People!) I'm certain it will. And if it doesnt? Well, then, maybe I'll be blogging again as the parents move through the justice system. According to the Oroville news (click here) they currently reside in the Butte County Jail, Oroville, California, on bail placed at $2 million dollars. God help us all as we see the depth of man's inhumanity to man. God help us to recoil at the horror of sin.

Now...I must switch topics. Bear with me.

What's happening at our house today? We're doing some minor finishing touches on our "new" bathroom. Roger the Handyman will be here to put in place a panel that will "disguise" the opening to the plumbing at the end of the tub. He also needs to place a strip on the floor where the vinyl meets the hallway carpet.

As soon as Roger the Handyman is out of the house and down the road, I'll be grabbing a paint brush. If my Mom reads this, I can hear her say, "I thought you painted it already!" Yes, we did. A lovely creamy white. But after living with it a couple weeks we've decided we prefer a bit of color. Not a lot. A sandy, tan color. It's still "quiet" but a muted quiet, so to speak.

Gotta run. Coffee awaits.

Don't forget Lydia.


melissa said...

You know one issue that might come up with the little girl's story is that the *powers that be* will hit on the homeschooling population at large in an attempt for more control, including in-house visits. There seems to be a backlash (esp. when it concerns Christians or supposed Christians), and that hurts everyone. Not to downplay this child's death at all, but the repercussions could be lethal for lots of folks.

Wonder how often a similar situation happens in other families? Bet it's more common than we'd like to think. Abuse is rampant.


Glad you posted it, though. I was totally unaware.

Cat Rocketship said...

While you broke the news about this story on my front, I did see it in two blogs on my RSS feed today. So it's not completely unnoticed. :(

Debby said...

I guess I'm thinking the opposite, Melissa. There seems to be no backlash at all.

I can see, though, where if you were a homeschooling Christian mother, you might feel some amount of fear.