Saturday, February 13, 2010

That Genetic Connection

My Uncle Jake was Mom's favorite brother and it broke her heart when, first, he was wounded (and paralyzed) in Korea, and then died an early death at age 42 as a late consequence of that paralysis.

Last Thursday we were pleased to have Uncle Jake's grandson, wife and great-grandson visit our home on their jaunt from Colorado to home in New York. We had a lovely evening together. And we took many photographs. I especially like this photo of my Mom holding her favorite brother's great-grandson on her lap.

When I took the photo I imagined my Uncle Jake looking on and smiling at his Sis and his Great-Grandson.

Family is important. We express our love first of all to God, then to family. For in our family, we see a bit of ourselves. We see the flaws and the graces handed down genetically and environmentally. I recognize, more than ever, why my personality is as it is...a blend of other personalities in previous generations with traits that hinder or bless. But the flaws in my own personality help me understand others better...both in my family and outside. What seems to be a negative has become a positive in my dealing with and understanding other people. Especially my grandkids!

I am appreciative of the fact that my parents and grandparents and perhaps great grandparents were Godly believers who lived lives of faith in Christ. I wonder, sometimes, if they prayed for my soul as I pray for my children and their children, and even the next generation that is not yet born. I like to think that they did.

You can read more about Uncle Jake here and here...just light bits of insight into his life. And you can read about his grandson Matthew Day Jackson here.

If artistry runs in the family, we've got it. Do a google for "Cat Rocketship". And check (my daughter) Yiddle's website. I love seeing their latest creations. My daughter's abilities awe me.



Debby said...

I love that your family is such a close one, a family that delights in one another.

Kelly said...

Your daughter is quite talented!!

Marydon Ford said...

a lovely write ...

Happy Valentine's
Have a lovely day ~
Hugs, Marydon

Kerry ABOUT ME said...

Family is so important. I love the picture and the post. I checked out the website and love the artistry. Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. Have a blessed Valentine's Day!

Kerry Osborne

Linda said...

Family is so important--my heart breaks because we have no relationship with some of our family members. Sometimes the past hurts hold on for a long time. Thank you for sharing yours!

Forrest said...

Your thoughts cause me to remember my Grandparents and the regret I have of not knowing them as an adult.

I was so immature and foolish as a young man and subsequently missed out on their wisdom and godly counsel...because I knew everything!

I'm so grateful for precious memories and for their wonderful stories and times of instruction that still impact my life today.

Thanks for sharing, sister.

S. Etole said...

your photo says so much ...


I hope you had a great V. Day weekend
God bless you and have a wonderful week,