Monday, February 15, 2010

Upon Which I Ignore Winter This Day!

Today I ignore Winter. Today I treat myself to looking back at our recent visit to family on Maui. Their home is small so when we visit, we usually rent a place of our own.

This time we stayed at Mama's Fish House Restaurant and Inn. We're not into snorkeling, or playing golf, or surfing or windsailing. We're not the typical tourist. We just want a quiet, lovely place close to our son's home. Mama's, situated on the north shore of Maui, seemed the perfect spot. (One can still venture forth to other parts of the Island, and if you plan to take the road to Hana, it's a great starting point.)

We reserved a studio unit at Mama's. It would be just just the right size for us (and for our budget). And we could entertain our family there as well. Restaurant. Lovely grounds. Mini-swimming beach for the girls.

Mama's has been owned by Floyd and Doris Christenson for 30-some years. Their story is fascinating and I'll leave that to you to google around for more about them. If I go into their story, this post will be much too long.

Imagine our surprise when, as we were checking in, we were told that we were upgraded...from a Studio to a lovely 2nd story unit with spacious balcony overlooking the small beach area. We were astounded! It was lovely! We felt so pampered! (I took numerous photos of that unit but lost them during a problem with our laptop. Ugh.) Here is the view from our balcony! I can feel the warm Maui air right here! (I'm certain our daughter-in-law had something to do with the pampering accorded to us...she has worked for the Christenson's for years and is the one who first introduced us to Mama's. But the rest of the staff were sweet as well, and lovely...everyone there works with a welcoming smile and "Aloha!" in their voice. Thank you, All!)

I must say I felt a bit of an imposter that first night. At the Restaurant I was greeted with a lei and a kiss on the cheek from the head waiter...if someone else received that royal treatment, I did not see it happen! There I was, wearing my $4 Lands End knit shirt purchased at our local hospital auxiliary consignment shop. It was a "like-new" shirt so I suppose it looked just as nice as if I had purchased it direct from the catalog. Who would know the difference except that I am blabbing it all to you here! I confess I'm a simple person. A farm girl from Iowa growing up with four brothers. Plain and simple, that's me. Call me "Sarah, Plain and Tall", except that I am not tall nor is my name Sarah.

I was also wearing khaki pants...they weren't new. They're old. But I like their comfort; so I keep wearing them. Someday they will get holes in them and then I will stop wearing them. But there I was, wearing my old khakis and a thrift-shop shirt. And enjoying the sweet luxury of the evening, being blessed by those around me, including my Hubby.

As for dinner at Mama's? Look at this dish! Prawns, Maui pork, yummy veggies, tasty rice on the side. No seafood is fresher than Mama's. They purchase from local fisherman daily. The catch-of-the-day is truly of that day! Sweet. Delicious!

Our two granddaughters enjoyed joining us and swimming in the little cove. They swim like two little fish! When they weren't swimming they were searching the sand diligently for shells and bits of coral.When they weren't doing that they were wandering the grounds, enjoying often a tiny pond behind our unit.
I love this view of Mama's Restaurant from the beach area. Visitors love wandering, having their photos taken in the canoe, enjoying the loveliniess of all that is Hawaii.
I was able to take a quick snapshot of the kitchen...sorry, I would have loved to show you pics of the steaming pots of stock, the fresh fish on ice, the lovely preparations! Alas, I was not able to hover with a camera!
Mama's has a small garden of herbs on the grounds. Here rosemary is being plucked for the evening's menu.

The last two nights of our stay we were to be moved back to a studio because our luxurious unit had already been reserved for those two evenings. We had so enjoyed our stay there and we were quite willing to be sent packing (The staff at Mama's would never use that term!) back to our originally intended lodging. So we were expecting something a little more simple. Boy, were we surprised! The unit was brand-new! And delightful! And lovely! And what else can I say?

The main area was...well, just look at the photo! Paradise! The other half of this spacious room included plenty of seating area, coffee table, etc. Plenty of room for easy relaxation.

The bath area was a complete surprise! Look at this tub surround! Bet you never saw one as lovely as this glass enclosed whirlpool tub! The front edge of the surround has a "rainbow" of glass mini-tiles. Makes me want to put some on my bathroom wall at home.
Here is a self-portrait over my bathroom sink. Hubby had his own sink area just to the left.

Outside our back door was this spacious private patio!
Leading up to our front door was a volcanic rock wall. The builder had included this wine bottle art. It was so cool.

I could show you dozens more photos but I think you get the picture! Mama's is a most gracious and lovely place...whether you want to spend a couple weeks or whether you're wanting a quiet, secluded Honeymoon weekend. Or simply for an evening's dining experience! Thanks, Mama's! We had a wonderful time.

This last photo is taken from my window seat as we were coming into Omaha for a landing. Rude awakening, that!



Kelly said...

These are lovely, lovely photos!! In fact, I would like to stay there if I ever make it to Hawaii.

I don't care for the ocean, sand or seafood.... but I still want to visit someday. I know there are plenty of other attractions that would appeal to me.


Gregg said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. Pics are beautiful. I have never been to Hawaii so I enjoy it through your photos.

Anonymous said...

Our local news here in California has been airing some of the tragic auto accidents caused by the storms in the Mid West and East Coast.

I hope you all get a break pretty soon

God bless you, Ron

S. Etole said...

your daughter's site is delightful ... and so is this account

Debby said...

Oooh. I needed to go to Maui today. Thanks, WhiteStone.

A Novel Woman said...

Oooh, loved that. I went to Oahu for the first time last October, and I wasn't expecting anything, really. I somehow thought it would be like Florida. Boy was I wrong. I fell in love with Hawaii, especially the people who were so nice, so warm and welcoming and happy, happy. I'm told Maui is even more beautiful, so I guess I have to go back some day!

I'd love to see more photos and stories.

Bill said...

One day... one day...

I had thought that this day would come this winter.

It didn't

So I vicariously go through you