Saturday, February 6, 2010

Even in Paradise they Need Stocking Caps! And Mittens, Too!

I'm partial. We all are partial, meaning we all have our preferences, our beloveds, our druthers.

When it comes to yarn, I'm partial to wool. Oh, I love the new colors, fibers, textures...not that I've tried many of them. Most of my knitting days are behind me...I'm the typical afghan knitter of the 1970/80s. Those days I loved wool and I still love wool.

So when I found this vintage unopened Bucilla sweater Kit No. 7681 at the local consignment shop you can imagine how pleased I was! Included were 12 ounces of 100% Virgin Wool Yarn! And pattern. And all for $2.00!

I'm not interested in knitting sweaters. No, Thank You! Sweaters take too much time to my way of thinking. I'm more interested in smaller projects such as stocking caps. I figured I'd make myself a really nifty wool stocking cap...a perfect little project to take along on our recent trip to visit family on Maui.

We took carry-on luggage only. Can you imagine packing everything you need for a two-week stay in a 21-inch carry-on? We did just that. And in my bag were yarn and knitting needles. The needles were plastic and I stored them flat along the side of the bag. They made it through screening twice. ( I don't know if that is a statement about TSA or whether plastic is considered safe.)

So there I am, on Maui, knitting a wool stocking cap for myself (I thought!). Naturally, the Little One (granddaughter) was fascinated! She reassured me that her head gets cold, even on Maui, and that a stocking cap would keep her head warm. And mittens would surely keep her hands warm! She didn't out and out ask me to make her a cap. No, she was too sweet and polite to do that. She just mentioned her head being cold. And her hands. On Maui. Go figure! And she did it so sweetly!

Now you know, and I know, that she didn't need a stocking cap. But I had time, and I had plenty of yarn. And before I knew it I had two stocking caps knit (neither of them for me!). On our last day I presented a gramma-made stocking cap to Little One and her Older Sister.

I'm betting that today, on a Saturday morning, when temps on Maui are expected to be in the 80s, Little One will be scampering outdoors with a yellow stocking cap atop her head. The little scamp!

Oh! The mittens? We bought a couple pair of knit gloves this morning...they'll be in the mail by Monday. As for me? I'm still running around freezing my ears off.

And you? If you are a knitter and would like to have the Bucilla photo AND sweater instructions, just drop me a line. I'll put them in the mail. But I'm keeping the rest of the case I find time to make myself a nifty yellow stocking cap.

Do you suppose I am partial to a little girl's beguiling smile?



Karen said...

Beautiful little yellow stocking cap, whether it's worn on the mainland ... or in Maui! I'll bet those little girls are turning a lot of heads! Very cute!

And what a wonderful gift to give them!

Paula said...

So, this is going to be what it is like, being a grandma?? Can't wait!!! Just 9 more weeks and he'll be here. *contented smile*

Kelly said...

Wool just eats me up! I do have a few wool (or wool blend) sweaters, but I have to wear something between them and me.

Cute caps!! (and lovely color)

l'optimiste said...

oh that is so fab!! :)

grand daughters...what about them eh?? ;o)

Mrs. Spit said...

That's a great deal on the wool! I'm whimpering at the thought.

Bill said...

She needed that stocking cap all right.

To keep her warm - grandma warm.

S. Etole said...

a true gramma's heart at work ...

Debby said...

Paradise may not actually need stocking caps and mittens, but little girls need grammas.

Daria said...

Nice cap ... very cute.