Saturday, February 27, 2010

Even a Child Can Recognize Injustice

Even a child can recognize injustice when the supposed "justice" consists of whippings followed by whippings followed by whippings over a several-hour period. And sometimes a child, recognizing the injustice, will resist to the point of death. I don't know if this is what Lydia Schatz did...resisted because she recognized injustice. I don't know that.

Sometimes a child, when being confronted with whipping after whipping, is unable to comply with the parents' this case the pronunciation of a reading word.

In either case, Lydia's non-compliance was considered as rebellion to the parental authority. Lydia either would not or could not comply. And the whippings continued. Parental authority demanded it.

And perhaps this betrayal of parental love simply shows the true nature of the hearts of Kevin and Elizabeth. Hearts that were hardened to recognizing what true love God, love one another.

Whippings carried out over a period of hours to the point of a child's death do not translate to "love". Not in my world, anyway.

Lydia Schatz, Dead.
Zariah Schatz, several days in critical care.
A biological son with marks of whipping.
Six other children in the home, one of the older of whom was being taught by her parents to administer switchings/discipline.

The beatings that caused Lydia's kidneys to shut down (destruction of tissue underlying the skin) were being administered in a manner prescribed and taught by Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl, self-proclaimed authorities in "parenting" under their No Greater Joy Ministry. Sadly, many Christians follow the Pearl's child-rearing methods because they are "Christians". I wonder how many would be looking at their methods in a different light if they were under the guise of Atheism or some cult or some secular authority. Does the label of "Christian" absolve them of accountability for presenting methods that can be mis-used so frighteningly?

Disclaimer: The Pearls do not out-and-out recommend whipping to death...they do, however, advocate not ceasing until the child submits to a state of utter submission. There are many who say their children have been easily taught obedience with a light tap on the leg or single switching. But we all know there are children, who if disciplined in this manner, will rebel totally. At the least those children will leave home at the earliest possibility and never look back at their "loving" parents. At the worst, those children will suffer mightily under this "rod of instruction". Either way, there will be no glory to God in all of it. God forbid that we treat our children in this manner.

I expect there to be more about this in days ahead. But when? So far I see no national news media coverage. I do see local news. And there are many blogs speaking to this. But where are the national network news people?

If you've already heard about this case (my previous posts) you needn't read all the following. I'm linking them here to verify what I have written. Now...go hug your kids.

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The following blogs comment a bit more indepth on this tragedy as well as take apart some of the teachings of the Pearls.
Elizabeth Esther
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"He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God."
Micah 6:8



Jana said...

This was hard to read, but so well said. I am so broken hearted over this. So amazed by the blindness of it all. I will make sure to hug my boys just as soon as they wake up.

Debby said...

Good for you. The Pearls deny they teach corporal punishment. I about fell off my chair. This, more clearly than anything shows me this: they are liars. Liars.

Debbie said...

Every time I hear about this case it just makes me sick, and angry, so so angry.

Debby said...

This strikes me...I wonder how the Pearls handle a lying child? Perhaps they need a taste of their own medicine? With their own beating implement? Not much. Just until they are broken and submissive. Ya think?

Kelly said...

I've always had issues with torture - and that's what I consider this in many respects - and the results obtained by extreme methods.

As you indicated, what made them them think their child could pronounce the word correctly by being punished? Did they truly think she was defying their authority by mispronouncing the word?

Another thing... they were teaching the older children to also administer this form of discipline??? What, even in this twisted thinking, would give a sibling the authority to discipline as a parent?

Dana said...

This philosophy is particularly dangerous with adopted children. You don't know their history of abuse, and they will react to an average spanking much differently than a biological child.

Debby, I think I understand why they say they don't teach corporal "punishment." It isn't punishment, it is training. And you get to hit the kid before he even does anything wrong; you in fact hit them in order to teach them certain things are not acceptable.

Debby said...

You say tomato. I say tomahto. They are dancing around using semantics as a defense. They know what they are doing. They can call it any name they want. It is wrong. What I object to the very most is Michael Pearl writing as if the neighbor child was glad to be corrected, was grateful to be hit with a belt until she stopped crying. They seem to believe that children are grateful to be hit. As a child who was hit, once knocked completely out, I feel quite confident that this is a bunch of unadulterated hooey.

Tia said...

The more I read about this story the more my heart breaks. This is so awful. I just want to cry every time I read something new.

I am glad more and more people are speaking out about this.

I just wanted to point out that michael Pearl's response to this whole situation is basically to laugh at it. Fortunately, Vyckie Garrison at No Longer Quivering has written an excellent response.