Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Mom, aka Barbara Bush, Wears Blue and Pearls

I seldom post photos of faces and family. But I can't help but post my Mom today. She belongs to two groups who are dressing up in costume today. Now mind you, my Mom is 88 years old. But she still enjoys a bit of fun. And when she had to come up with a costume she decided to let her white curly hair grow just a bit curlier and present herself as Barbara Bush. Blue dress. Pearls. Flag. And carrying white gloves. And a name tag just in case nobody recognizes her. heh-heh.

Anyway...hats off to my Mom, er, I mean, Barbara Bush. You raised fine sons and daughters.

And if they ever make a movie about BB, my Mom wants to audition for the title role.

Go, Mom!!!!

P.S. Mom emailed me later in the day and told me she won a prize for "most original costume". Go, Barbara!!!! Er, I mean, Mom!



Cat Rocketship said...

Haha! Way cute. Very cute dress.

Kelly said...

I think your mother makes a fine Barbara Bush, a woman I much admire!

Surely no one will need to look at the nametag.

Dandy said...

I love it!!

Forrest said...

So funny. I agree, great Barbara Bush.

Laurie M. said...

What a hoot! Your mom sure is doing great for 88. (My mom's the same age,or rather, she will be in May.)

Debbie said...

Go Mom!!!