Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture Three Fool Women Walking the Beach

Picture three crazy fool women. Gramma, Mom, Mom-to-be. And one little snug baby boy, still happily reposing in his Momma's womb.

Picture them walking the beach at Seaside, Oregon. This morning.

Wind at 35 miles an hour. Blowing Rain. Blowing sand.

You see, Mom used to visit the beach when she was a child. At her grandmother's cabin. And she hasn't been back to the Oregon beach since she was a kid. So regardless of weather, Mom had to go see the coast. And the ocean. And the waves.

We're walking. Leaning well into the wind as we walk from the cabin (this is a different cabin that the one mentioned above) out to the tide area. Wind is straight from the side. And even though we are wearing huge rain coats which we found in the cabin, the left side of our pantlegs become totally rain-soaked and then totally coated with sand. We're laughing our fool heads off.

And then, of course, we head back to the cabin. And now the wind is blowing from our right! And the right side of our pantlegs are soaked and then coated with blowing sand.

We're still laughing our fool heads off. We're wondering about the residents in those upper story condos and figure one of them is watching those three fool women out on the beach. And taking a video. And posting it to you-tube for sure!

We tried taking a couple photos. But the wind and rain were blowing so hard we were worried we'd ruin our cameras.

By the time we got back to the cabin the rain was running off the hems of our raincoats and soaking what wasn't previously soaked.

Thankfully, the cabin had a shower that we used to shower the sand off our jeans with us still in them. And a washer and dryer. And extra towels to wrap around our bods while we waited for our jeans to come out of the dryer. While waiting for them to dry, we sat on the sofa and enjoyed the view out over the ocean, and laughed our fool heads off some more.

On the way home, we stopped for a bowl of clam chowder. Then picked up some apples and made two apple pies for dinner.

If I'd been able to take a movie, I'd have posted us to you-tube myself.

That noise in the background is three fool women, still laughing.



Debbie said...

But what an awesomely excellent memory to add to this upcoming special time. And did it help speed along the "blessed event" is the actual question to be answered.

Debby said...

What a nice picture you've painted. Who needs you tube? I can hear the laughter and visualize the video all by myself!

Kelly said...

Let's hope the laughter and fun helped little boy want to come out and join in for real!

What a fun time you had!

Dandy said...

That memory will last a life time... it couldn't be more perfect. It was like it was out of a movie with you three laughing the whole time. It made me wish I could have been there with you!

Glynis said...

Lovely story. Isn't that what memories are all about? I am sure you will always treasure the moment. Hope you are feeling well.

Elle Bee said...

I did picture it and in my mind it looked ridiculously fun, uncomfortable, cold, hilarious and perfect all at the same time!