Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Denver - 30 Degrees and Snowing

I took Hubby to the airport today. This time it is he who is flying to visit family. He changes planes in Denver and there is stormy weather forecast. So I went online to see if I could find a site that tracks a flight via "map". And here's what I found. Just feed in the date, airline code and flight number and 'voila'! It's all there. Pretty cool. Makes him seem closer to me to know approximately where the plane is at the current time. Now I'm praying for safe landing at Denver where it is currently 30 degrees and snowing. I'll be happy when I see the plane is safe on the ground.

P.S. Plane leaving Denver had to undergo de-icing before takeoff. Flight was an hour late. The good and very happy news is that the plane arrived safely at its destination.

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Kelly said...

That's a handy tracking tool you provided. I've bookmarked it. Thanks!