Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Cars, Parked Side by Side

Back home again after a week with our granddaughter in Oregon. The update on the baby is that the baby is still cocooning in Momma's womb. Silly boy.

First night back "in town" we actually never made it home. We scheduled our flight home for the day prior to my next infusion of the clinical trial drug (or placebo, whichever). And since the airport is in the same town as the clinic and since the clinic is 65 miles from home, and since our flight came in at midnight, we decided to stay at a motel overnight, do our chemo thing next morning, then head home.

Our room at the motel was wayyyyy around back, which I thought was kinda weird, and obviously we were the ONLY guests in that wing for ours was the only car in that particular parking area.

Since it was late at night, it didn't take us long to put on our jammies and hop into bed. And it didn't take long for us to drift off into sleep. But it was just long enough for the motel's ONLY other guests to arrive. After 1:00 o'clock in the morning. Right next door. And they enjoyed talking for considerable time, and opening and closing doors, and talking some more. You can see where this is going, right? A grumble session! I'm grumbling.

They finally quieted down and we went back to snooze mode.

The next morning we slept in until 8 am. Not a sound from next door. We did not worry about keeping our voices down. Nor the laughter. Our family laughs a lot. At the dumbest things. But that's okay. At least we laugh.

The other guests had parked their little yellow car with Colorado license plates right next to ours. At least our car was not lonely during the night.

So here's my question of the day...Why in the world would a motel that obviously knows their rooms are not very soundproof install new guests right NEXT DOOR to their ONLY other guests at one o'clock in the morning? Especially when there are a gazillion empty unused rooms on that wing? Why, oh why, Mr. Ramada Inn in Omaha on 72nd?



Dandy said...

Can my answer be "Because they are stupid"?

I realize thats not a very nice thing to say but I can come up with no other explanation. :P

Kelly said...

Not very sensible. Who knows, maybe they were just trying to make things easier for housekeeping! (even that doesn't make much sense!)

Karen said...

I can relate to your post! It seems to happen more often than not! Another annoying thing is when they give you a room that it right next to, or across from, the ONLY elevator on the floor and you hear the "ding-ding" of that door opening and closing all night long as people come and go, laughing, of course!

Daria said...

Goofy isn't it ...