Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who Me? Sock Hack? Yiddle Shows How!

If you have cold hands in the winter and have a crafty bent, you'll love Yiddle's tutor on sock hacking.

Go to the store, find the coolest socks ever, then by doing a sock hack, you can make yourself the warmest fingerless mitts ever!

Fingerless gloves are not just for the young folk! They work wonderfully at office or at home to keep your hands warm on those cold, drafty winter days.

You can find Yiddle's post here. She has a click link to download a pdf instruction sheet.



Kelly said...

I think these are so neat! I have a friend who took plain ole men's athletic tube socks and made some by sewing on pretty trim and accessories.

My extremities are always cold in winter (and it doesn't even get that cold in south Arkansas) so maybe I need to try this!

Daria said...


Karen said...

What a nice idea! I think that my youngest daughter would love to decorate them! Thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

I love this idea!!! The chemo has made my hands all dark and funny looking. What a great way to cover them up and keep my hands warm. Thanks for the idea!