Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eastern Redbud - Glorious in Spring

We've moved four times over the past twenty years. At three of those homes I planted an Eastern Redbud because I love its conspicuous spring color. Some describe it as 'purplish-pink'. I am more inclined to call it a 'fluorescent pink'.

When the blossoms appear (they appear all along each branch) they are initially a dark purplish pink. Or perhaps it is a pinkish-purple. As they begin to open the color lightens and from a distance they almost glow.

The Redbud is a rather small tree and is therefore perfect for a spot near the deck. My neighbor likes it, too. Our homes are very close together and the Redbud stands where she can see it from her patio. She says, "I've always wanted a Redbud and now I've got one." She's a sweet lady and I love having her for a neighbor.

The Latin name for this tree is Cercis canadensis. And no, I'm not a gardening expert ... I looked it up on google (big grin).

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