Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring is Sprung. Or Daffodils and Asparagus. Or I Finally Had Time to Look Over My SPRING Backyard

Whew! This has been a hectic month. Dealing with hospitalization of a family member as well a lot of paperwork. Right now I'm the chief cook, bottle washer, and unregistered nurse. It's been a busy time and a lot of running and fetching. But I don't mind. I love this person!

Last evening, though, I had time to check out the daffodils and the asparagus. Daffs are a wonderful perennial bulb that multiply each year. They cheer me. And asparagus! This is the third year for the plants and I'm anticipating yummy meals for the next several weeks.

The deck? We designed it ourselves and a friend built it for us late last fall just in time for winter! So this is the first we have actually had opportunity to sit and enjoy.

Our small backyard is perfect for the two of us. Mowing takes all of 15 minutes (front and back yards). The flower beds allow me space to have a variety of perennials. They require a bit of spring cleanup but once that is done, they are good for the summer. And we have a couple raised beds for veggies. Yep. Just right. I like our home.

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