Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Recurring Dream I Used to Enjoy the Most!

Its been years since I dreamt this one. I used to dream that I could fly. Yep! Fly! Not very high, but I could fly. In the dream this is how I did it. I would sit on the floor with my legs folded cross-legged under me, put my hands down and push down without actually touching the floor. If I balanced just right I could hover about a foot above the floor. Then if I moved just right I could move forward, backward, sideways, always remaining in that sitting position with my legs folded in front of me. And if I REALLY had my balance just perfect I could hover up to the ceiling and carefully zoom around the room. The dream was so vivid that I almost believed it ... that in my waking moments I could really do this! I really miss that dream!

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