Friday, May 30, 2008

What is it with the Headlines - "Crane Falls" ?

What is it with the Crane Accidents? The media reports accident after accident involving falling construction cranes. Perhaps these kind of accidents happen all the time and I'm only noticing them because I noticed One. Then Two. Is there a name for the phenomenon where once you buy a brand-new bright-red sportster you suddenly see them everywhere? I'm seeing these headlines everywhere! Click on the items below to see the news articles.

Crane Falls - May 30, 2008 New York
Crane Falls - May 27, 2008 Melbourne, Australia
Crane Falls - May 27, 2008 Lubbock, TX
Crane Falls - May 20, Adair, Iowa
Crane Falls - May 9, 2008 Volos, Greece
Crane Falls - May 8, 2008, Sydney, Australia
Crane Falls - March 16, 2008 New York

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