Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain Before Seven, Over By Eleven or How to Be Your Own Weather Forecaster

We've been getting those little morning showers, not even enough moisture to observe in the rain gauge. I doubt we will get the storms forecast for this afternoon. I think this falls into the category mentioned in the title. The early shower precludes rain later today.

I've seen this happen with stronger morning showers or thunderstorms. If they begin in the early dawn hours, regardless of how much rain is dumped, the storm will be over by noon and the sun will be out.

So even though the weather forecast is for 65% chance of a thunderstorms this afternoon, we'll wait and see if the weatherman is more accurate than the old saying, "Rain Before Seven, Over by Eleven."

There is another old saying that if there is dew on the grass there will be no rain that day. That one is pretty accurate.

Oh, And another one! Red sky at night, sailor's delight. It is almost 99 percent accurate that if we have a red or reddish sunset, we will have sun the next day. The Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning, doesn't seem to apply in Iowa. Perhaps because we don't do much sailing here. LOL

At least in my neck of the woods, in western Iowa.

P.S. Well, I missed the call on this one. We had a mini-thunder storm move through about noon. Tiny. One minute of rain and pea-size hail. Then about ten minutes of wind. Not enough to even call a rain, but enough to call me wrong on my forecasting. (wry smile)


Cat Rocketship said...


In Nebraska, red sky at morning is right on. There were a number of times that I woke up to an eerily orange or red light only to have a tornado-bearing storm come in that night. I never saw it fail.

Laurie M. said...

Sometimes I think God gets a little laugh from proving my predictions wrong.

Wendy said...

I'd prefer the short storms over out long rain storms, when it rains here it can go on for days.