Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's Magazines and How They Stink!

Oh, oh! This is a rant! Be patient with me. You do know, don't you, that I'm old and gray, old enough to be your grandmother. But that doesn't mean I am stupid, witless, or without thinking ability, nor indeed without life experiences that you may not have experienced...experiences that have caused me to grow in wisdom and knowledge and understanding. That's hard-earned wisdom, earned at the expense of often painful experiences... wisdom that was earned by the grace of God, by His goodness, and not by my own bright thoughts, believe you me! So, please bear with me!

As a young mother, a young homemaker, and young adult I learned much from women's magazines and I subscribed to several. These were magazines that provided articles on being a good mother, on learning to wisely use my paycheck, on gardening or making my home attractive. The editors provided me much good information.

But for a long time now I have been completely disenchanted with today's magazines for women. It's enough to make me puke (I hope that word does not offend) sometimes. I don't have to tell you to check the covers of those mags where you stand in line to buy your know... those magazine covers touting articles that proclaim something akin to "20 gazillion ways to fool a man on your first date into thinking that you are that one and only". And they are not talking about your lovely sense of humor nor your ability to look deep into his eyes and give attentive ear as you dine at some fine restaurant. Of course, I've toned that down a bit because if I quote exact words I'll get a million hits from weirdos who are seeking some "R" rated site where they can fulfill their latest weird fantasy. But you know which magazines I mean.

Even the old standbys have resorted to worthless, witless articles that do nothing but promote irrational useless foolishness. A friend gave me her mags recently and yesterday I read how to have good luck in a New Year...something about carrying 27 one dollar bills in one pocket and 42 coins in the other. And changing the position of 29 items in the house prior to New Year's Day...moving the salt and pepper around counted as a change. This is WISDOM? The writer obviously believed it...she has written an entire book on the subject!

But back to the headlines at the supermarket. I'll tell you about my personal boycott, my personal resistance, my personal sabotage (are Christians supposed to practice sabotage?). Here it is. Whenever I spot a magazine with particularly objectionable photos or racey titles, I casually pick up a more family-oriented magazine, glance at it a moment, then place it in front of the one I find distasteful. Sure, someone else will come along and remove it, but at least for a few moments or hours, I've prevented or postponed a sale. I consider this my personal expression of "freedom of speech". If dissenters can burn the flag, I can relocate magazines at the grocery store.

I think my mother mentioned once or twice that I was a stubborn child. Not in a malicious way, but as a part of my personality. Yep. I'm stubborn. And I'll stubbornly dislike and find distasteful these kinds of magazines as long as I have breathe in my body.

Now...if your mind thinks like mine, next time you are in a grocery store, find a nice cooking magazine, glance at it a moment, then place it in a different magazine slot. You'll know which cover to cover.

Yep! This is a rant!

Today's Scriptures:
Proverbs 9:10
Psalm 111:10
Job 28:28
Ecclesiastes 8:12

P.S. Cat Rocketship makes a valid comment that there are many good magazines out there that relate to career, finances, home improvement, etc. In fact one of my favorites is "This Old House" and I often clip pages from cooking or interior decorating magazines for future reference.


Cat Rocketship said...

Granted that today's women's magazine are mostly a pile of garbage (and those are the most visible ones) never fear that there are still plenty of useful magazines out there that young'uns read and learn from.

We get ReadyMade, Mental Floss, a cavalcade of digital video production mags, New American Paintings, ArtNews, and National Geographic. (We are media people. We can't live without reading, watching TV, taking in movies, video games.) But anyway. Magazine overload? Maybe. But not a smutty Cosmo among them.

WhiteStone said...

Cat, how could you have possibly guessed which grocery store magazine I detest the most! LOL. Yes, there ARE good magazines out there in the area of career, crafts, finance, etc. For instance I absolutely love This Old House and enjoy mags that deal with home decorating/repair, etc. Thanks for your comment!

Debra said...

Hello-I am also offended by the awful pictures that my son or husband must see if they are to get past the checkout. It's too bad those aren't the ones going out of business...

Laurie M. said...

I'm with you on this one, 100%. I was about to post my own rant right here in your comments, but I erased it.

Michelle said...

I am cracking up right now...I thought I was the only one who put magazines in front of distasteful ones at the checkout counter! That is too funny. Sadly, everything is about S*X these days. Fast food joints can't sell a burger without making it S*xual. It's insane. And definitely a sign of the times. I'm with you on this...and I don't think it's an age thing, I'm 42. It's a moral thing...a common sense thing...a protection thing. I have two young sons who do NOT need to see all of this garbage. I have a husband who doesn't need to be tempted by images flashed all over the place. I have a self that doesn't need to feel less than because I'm not a certain size...or don't know certain tricks, if you know what I's ridiculous. And very sad. And you know what's on my end table these days? Mother Earth News and Hobby Farms! So far, so good. Thanks for helping me in my cause...keep covering up those magazines!

Ainead said...

The magazines I find particularly distasteful are the ones which follow celebrity gossip and are have pictures of the latest 'fat' celebrity who is barely a size 14. There's not a single page of useful reading material in those ones. They just teach women that life is about shopping and being horrible to each other.

I don't do a great deal of shopping in supermarkets anymore but when I do I think I'll be joining your sabotage group! ;)