Friday, May 15, 2009

They've Never Eaten Iowa Sweet Corn But Please Don't Hold That Against Them!

Sometimes I check the blogs of those who follow my own. Today I want to point you to Paul Mathers of Chico, California. Paul was discussing the mortgage meltdown for his son's econ homework and gives us the gist of the conversation. He says he is no economist but I believe his explanation is quite accurate. You can read his explanation here. If you want to read more of his blog, be sure to click on his blog title Disjecta Membra . That will take you to his home page.

Actually I found Paul by clicking from the blog of his wife, Laurie. (She has never tasted Iowa sweet corn but please don't hold that against her!) You can check her out at her blog, Beauty for Ashes. Her writings about daily life as well as her commentaries on Christian living are insightful and useful.

And now! We have company coming for the weekend. So I need to get to the tasks of the day. Sure wish Iowa sweet corn was in season but that's still nearly two months away! (She said with a sad smile.)

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