Monday, March 9, 2009

Everyone Wants Me To Be Green -- And I Am!

Green! That's the buzzword these days. Be Green! Well, we've been composting our kitchen scraps for years. We don't do it fancy ... we simply take all our veggie cuttings, coffee grounds including filters, tea bags, etc., and toss them in a large stainless steel bowl. When the bowl is full we carry them out to a pile in our very small garden. Since there are only two of us in the household, a pile works well. If you have a larger family, you may want to use some type of enclosed bin. Google will help you find the best method for you.

We usually begin a fresh compost pile in the spring and another in the fall. During the spring and summer we toss on a shovelful of earth now and then, just to cover the debris and get the stuff to composting. We've never added special starters. Things seem to mellow out on their own.

In the winter months the ground is frozen so its impossible to add any earth to the veggies. So the pile tends to grow in its naked vegetableness (or is it vegetable nakedness?) throughout the winter. In the spring we'll add some dirt and all will eventually compost down to some really nice compost to add to the garden.

Where am I going with this? About a month ago I tossed some apples that had really gone past their edible prime. And the past three mornings I've enjoyed watching robins feasting on apples. I'm green. That is, the robins and we are green.

Go, Robins!!!

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Cornfield Quilter said...

What a great story about the robins, I am ready for spring and the robins that come when it is warm.
Thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, I use post card weight paper to do my hexagons, or any applique that I may make. I have tried the needle turn method but I just can't make it work for me. I love hand to work and I always have to have something going whenever we are going somewhere in a vehicle. I just have too many things I want to make and not enough years in my life to do them all!