Friday, March 13, 2009

A Surprising Number of People Want to Know

By reading the stats on my blog I notice that some folks arrive on my blog because of a google search on a specific topic.

I find it quite surprising that a number of people have arrived at my old post on "I Can Write a Snore" and if you haven't read it you can click here to do so.

Of course, my post was not exactly what they were looking for. It appears that they really, really want to know how to write a snore ... as in a novel or short story ... how would they write the "sound" of a snore.

Since my method of writing a snore is not in the alphabet, I don't suppose my post was helpful.

(She said with a giggle.)

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Cat Rocketship said...

Nice peonies!

A surprising number of people arrive at my blog by search for "I ate too many apples". They land on one of my apple paintings, completed after a week with an apple-heavy diet.