Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Have an Urge to Clean Closets

One of the effects of my bout with illness is an urge to clean out the closets and begin to get rid of "stuff". I have lots of stuff! Yard sales are a favorite spring/summer event and I'm always spotting something that I can "use".

Some of those things I HAVE used...such as the like-new ten-cent skirt! It was two sizes two small for me, but the fabric was a lovely deep indigo with a vine running across it. I took that skirt apart and made a lovely sofa pillow.

And I have several glass ornaments that I'll hang on the deck this summer. The sun will stream through the glass in a joyful way.

And the pyrex dishes that I collect ... they make excellent storage for leftovers in the fridge and if I place the lids upside down, I can stack three in one spot. A real space saver!

In the meantime...I recognize that many of the things in my closet will sit or hang there forever. So in spite of how pretty they are or how potentially useful, I will begin boxing them up, a few at a time, and take them to Goodwill or Gospel Mission. They will be someone else's "find of the day". I need to downsize.

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Diane said...

Isn't it amazing how the "stuff" accumulates? In spite of having a rummage last summer, my drawers and pantry are badly in need of some thinning.

Let's not talk about the closets.

This time, it's straight to Goodwill with everything salable.