Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Time for Spring Housecleaning

A decade ago one of my best yard sale buys was a legal size file cabinet. It was a sturdy one, not one of those inexpensive ones where the drawers grate and scrape, and I was happy to begin filing our personal papers in a genuinely organized manner.

During my working years I was in charge of the files in our office...eight cabinets...32 deep drawers packed with folders. It was my task to thoroughly go through the files once a year, folder by folder, purging out-dated papers. It was a tedious process but one which afforded me a constant reminder of "what" was "where".

It's been a long time since I've gone through our personal files so I've begun the process. Some items have personal ID info and those items will be shredded. Others can be simply tossed. (The shredder is getting a real workout!)

It's amazing how much clutter we allow into our lives and I'm not talking about just paperwork. My desk is a perfect example for it is covered with items "I might need" or things that "I'll do later". My kitchen cupboards are packed with food items and spices that are outdated (how long does thyme hold its flavor?). My dresser drawers are full of winter clothes that I have not worn in two or three years and my stash of summer clothes is just as overloaded. I feel like a packrat.

I used to enjoy a lot of "collectible clutter" but as I get older I'm desiring simplicity. So this past month spring housecleaning has begun. It may progress slowly, but a bit here and a bit there will eventually add up.


Laurie M. said...

Oh, you had to go mention filing! My two measly drawers are so crammed I can barely pull out a folder without the 5 surrounding ones coming out with it! I need to get a larger one, like the one you've got. Perhaps the thrift store will have one for me soon. Isn't spring cleaning a good feeling though? I can't do it all in one weekend like some folks like to do. I don't have normal days or weekends. But it's just as nice to do it in fits and starts. This morning I made a TSP mixture and tackled the mildew that's been developing in our bathroom. I feel so accomplished.

WhiteStone said...

And, Oh! You had to go mention mildew! We have a problem site along the edge of the tub and nothing seems to cure it. Sigh!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Junk! That's what I call it. I seem to get plenty of it. It stacks up on the kitchen table or in my hidden cabinet under the bench. I wait about a month.....and end up trashing almost all of it. It works for me.
smiling and winking to you!