Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chemo Session #5 Today. Only One More To Go!

It seems this is turning into a chemo blog and that was not my intent. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Had my fifth chemo session today. One more to go. The doc told me that since my after-effects are considerably mild compared to so many taking the same chemo (carbo/taxel) they are able to give me doses at the high range of prescribed amounts. So hopefully this means I will receive optimum benefit.

So far I have not experienced nausea but there's always a first time. So tonight I steeped a few shavings of ginger root in a hot cup of water and made "ginger tea". I have enough shavings to make a second cup tomorrow night. And by then I should be past the need. I've avoided anti-nausea meds so far which is remarkable.

Tomorrow will be a good day. The steroids will still be in my body and I'll have lotsa energy. Then I will crash for the rest of the week and spend considerable time on the couch with aches and pains and listlessness. THEN, I will be on the uphill again and feeling better every day.

Today's chemo session was delayed three weeks in a row due to low white blood counts, particularly the neutrofils. In anticipation and hoping to keep the last session on schedule (three weeks from now) I will begin taking daily neupogen shots for five days, beginning tomorrow. More (mild) aches and pains but so far I have been able to avoid pain meds. I figure why toss more chemicals into the pot (that is, my body, and particulary my kidneys and liver) if I don't have to. I can endure a certain amount of of pain. I'm a wuss when it comes to pain so it seems to me that my experience is milder than most cancer patients have to endure. I don't know why God is blessing me in this way, but He is. And I am grateful.

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Forrest said...

I'm grateful also and praying HE will continue to be a very real and personal source of strength in your time of need. Exhorting you to continue casting ALL your care upon Him for He cares for YOU!

Love and prayers in CHRIST,
Brother Forrest