Sunday, June 21, 2009

LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER is a Great Resource For Those Who Lose Their Hair Due to Chemo

Losing your hair after chemotherapy is, to say the least, startling. Even though you know almost immediately that you're going to lose your hair, the actual loss still stuns. It is even worse that many of us also lose our eyelashes and eyebrows. (Believe me, it's difficult to draw a eyebrow when you have no brow hairs left to make a decent dotted line for the brow pencil!)

Oh, sure, they say your hair will grow back, but that can be months down the road or longer, depending upon your particular cancer treatment program. I'm figuring I'll be fortunate if I have hair by Christmas! Sigh!

If you are dealing with chemo-induced hair loss I want you to know there are resources available to help you feel feminine and pretty even in the midst of all of this. The website for "Look Good Feel Better" offers videos on makeup, wigs, scarves, etc., that will help you move gracefully through this time in your life. I found these videos tremendously encouraging and picked up some good tips! This is a free, non-medical, brand-neutral, public service program and you will not be hassled to buy a thing. Volunteers are on hand to affirm and serve you in a loving way.

If you would like to attend a program in your hometown, simply type in your zip code at this webpage and find a locally provided LGFB program. This program is free and

P.S. Check with your insurance company...some companies do provide part or all of the cost of a wig for women who experience hair loss due to chemo.

Bless you!

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Daria said...

That "Look Good Feel Better" is a wonderful program. You get such a good goodie bag of stuff and you connect with others too. I think that was the important piece for me when I was first diagnosed.