Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a Deceptive Green, Promising "Forever"

We sat out on the deck this evening. Eating ice cream. Looking out over the green that comes only with spring. It's a deceptive green in that its appearance seems to promise "forever". But spring will not last. Summer will come. And there will be hot days, really hot days. The grass will begin to brown, the trees will be dirty with dust, and weeds will begin to take over the garden.

As we sat there I stilled myself and let my senses enjoy the moment...the quietness of a small town on a late spring evening. Off in the distance I could hear faint sounds of the summer ball games. Close by I heard the calm chirp of birds. I imagined I could almost hear time itself and if I paid close attention I might catch glimpses of days gone by.

I had a similar experience two days ago. I had been cleaning the weeds out of the flower bed near the deck and I was on my knees, using an old steak knife to skim the earth free of weed seedlings. I sat back for a moment and almost laid down on the grass the way we used to do as children. I should have done that. Lie on the grass, feast on the sky, soak up the moment.

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Before summer gets here.


cinnamongirl93 said...

You have a gift with words. I felt like I was right there looking up at the sky!
I am still waiting for summer. It's been chilly and raining for days. Come on heat!
BTW December is a short 6 months away.

yiddle said...

do it! i've been making my "do it now" lists and i'm going to do one thing each Friday. last friday was cookie experiments. this friday if the weather is nice i'm going to set up the easel in the back yard and paint. and the friday after that i'm going to pack myself a book, my camera, and a fancy bento picnic for the sculpture garden. and then i'm going to get a pedicure, because my ticklish feet have never had one. and then...

Debby said...

Do it! And furthermore? Do it again in the summer!