Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What If! Totally New Concept in Shoes! Nike! Call Me!

I'm lying in bed this morning and this idea popped into my head.

What if they had a machine that could scan your foot in various postures...flat-footed on the floor...stepping off with only the ball of the foot on the floor...heel to the floor as the body moves forward onto the foot from the last step!

These scans could provide complete specifications for your feet. Since our left foot sometimes differs slightly in size from our right, dual scans would be taken. The specs would be fed into a machine that then constructs shoes designed to fit your feet to a T. The machine would allow the buyer to choose a variety of materials, colors, etc.

These specially designed shoes would have the appropriate amount of flex, support, cushion, and whatever else you need in a well-designed shoe. In fact, the machine could make one type for walking, another for running, yet another for dressy events, with stretch and flexibility appropriate to the use. And they'd fit like a kid glove.

Wouldn't that be cool?!

Of course, these specialized shoes would cost a cool bundle.

Ooops! The phone is ringing. I think it must be Nike. Or Born. Or Skechers. I'm not signing anything until my lawyer reads the fine print.

P.S. Maybe this has already been invented! Perhaps the rich dudes in the world already have access to such a machine! But the masses should be able to wear a customized pair of WhiteStone Shoes, wouldn't ya think?!


McVal said...

That's funny... I dreamt up an invention last night myself! After taking the new puppy outside in the middle of the night, and climbing back into bed, I thought about those new pillows that have an arm on them so it's almost like you're snuggled up to someone. But an improvement on them. Make them nice and warm and longer so your feet can warm up on them too.

Marian S. said...

I think you should go for the patent on that, Judy!
22 years ago after the winter- time birth of my oldest,
I thought of an electric diaper wipe warmer....like a heating pad to wrap around the diaper wipe container. About 7 years later, in a 'way too expensive baby gaget' magazine, there was my idea for sale!

Glynis said...

Oh my. And I bought one of those diaper wipe warmers for my niece! And I'm liking both the shoes and the pillow ideas, too! Since my chemo I have had such aches and pains in my feet - specially designed shoes pique my interest! :)