Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Word of Wisdom About Your Birthday

Today's headlines mention Nine Nasty Online Scams. You can bop on over there to read about them if you wish.

But I have a word of wisdom as well. I read a number of blogs and am surprised by the number of people who post their full name AND their birth date including year. I read one lady who posted all four of her children's names/birthdays. (I can't remember her name so if I am stepping on toes, please forgive me. It's just that this does not seem like a good idea to me.)

My advice? Don't do that! And if you already have done so, go back and delete those posts.

I've mentioned previously about ourselves being the victim of ID theft. Both events occurred after using our credit and debit cards at local restaurants. You know how it goes! They bring you the bill in a padded folder, you view the bill, place your card confidently inside the folder, and off goes the waiter with YOUR credit card in hand. You'd better hope he/she doesn't have one of those small pocket size devices that can READ your card's data. With that data the dirty low down crook thief has the ability to charge to your account or to take money from your bank account. IT HAS HAPPENED TO US! Word of Advice? Never let your card out of your sight. You can read more about that kind of fraud and what you can do about it if it has happened to you on previous posts here.

P.S. I forgot to mention the time someone used Hubby's name/SS# to get a driver's license several states away from our residence. We found out about it when a collection agency sent us a notice for $$ owed for multiple parking tickets on a college campus. The crook even had a personalized license plate indicating he was using our name. While we were able to convince the agency/State/SocSec that this was a fellow using false ID, and even tho they were able to track this guy, none of them could give us his name or other info due to his "right to privacy". Yah! Right!


Meadowlark said...

We've always been paranoid about our identity and now we know why. A corporate theft of Husband's banking information left us ripped off over the weekend. :(

Good advice here. I will say that my family laughs so hard about the "Hi Grandma, it's your favorite grandson" one. My mom would no more wire money to one of the grandkids than she would wire money to me. And not in a bad way, we're just "self-sufficient" and she'd say "you should have had some savings". teee heee I guess that's farm families for ya!

Debra said...

Hey there-I read all your posts on this subject, and I'm very glad I did. Thanks so much for this info-but I'm very sorry it had to happen to you.

cinnamongirl93 said...

That stinks! I just had to cancell my debit card because a company I bought something from made another unauthorized charge to my account. I called, e-mailed ect and got no responce after 2 weeks. The on Saturday I stopped in the bank and filled out a dispute form to get my money back.

Daria said...

Very good advice ... it's crazy out there and one can't be too careful.