Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering....

In case you were wondering if I spent the entire day yesterday bemoaning my low blood count and my postponed chemo, please note today's photo!

I'm learning something new about sourdough each time I bake. Yesterday I kept the dough almost "sticky" which made it almost impossible to knead. So instead of kneading I used a scraper to scrape and roll the dough in upon itself. After about ten roll and turns, I let the dough rest twice, ten minutes each time. After the third session of roll and rest, I placed the dough in a large glass bowl that I had rubbed with butter. It took a couple hours or more to rise. Punched the dough down and then shaped into loaves. My last batch made some very large loaves, with sides overhanging the bread pan. This time I made THREE loaves instead of TWO to avoid that issue.

The wet dough made for a better sourdough texture (translate that to mean that the crumb was very airy with large holes) and a moist crumb. I confess that I ate nearly half a loaf yesterday. This morning I reformed and made my usual oatmeal/raisins/bananas for breakfast. I'll eat more sourdough later!

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Daria said...

They look delicious ... I'm a huge fan of fresh bread. Who isn't?