Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Crashed But It Was a Soft Landing

Chemo #5 was Wednesday. The meds that they give me during the chemo help avoid allergic reactions, etc. They also tend to make me feel really, really good for a day and a half afterwards. As in manic. I dash about the house with lots of energy and feel well until I crash two days later.

Today I crashed, but the landing was surprisingly soft. This time I'm experiencing only mild weakness and achiness in my legs. No nausea. Some "inertia" which describes the feeling better than do the words "tired" or "lazy". It's a strange feeling...I lie on the sofa and think about getting up and doing something but my body totally disregards anything going on in my brain.

Disobedient body.

Garden News: Not only the robins but also the local squirrels have found the cherry tree. This morning one little fellow was happily hopping through the tree, shaking the branches and leaves. All I could see was his fluffy tail sticking out through the leaves. He was a coward, though, for the moment he heard me slide open the patio doors he hopped to the ground and made a hasty escape.

Where is Whiner the $800 Cat when I need him?


Tracey said...

The reaction to chemo is definatly a weird feeling i agree with you there.
some days up, others down but you want to run a half marathon but the old body says " behave yourself woman and rest"

Do as it says and rest and "behave yourself" hehe xx

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend x

cinnamongirl93 said...

I'm glad you are doing well. That's awesome and answered prayer! Praide the Lord!!!!!
Good thing you made your pie, just in the nick of time.

Debby said...

I am glad your landing was soft. I remember chemo, coming home, going directly to bed and sleeping. I'd wake up, but it was rather like I was glued to the bed. I simply did not have the oomph to get up. Another blog writer wrote about spending a lot of time examining her ceiling. I laughed. I remember being fascinated that mine was swirling and 'moving'.