Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Has To Be The Dumbest News Ever!

I suppose PETA's next bit move will be an attempt to stop me from swatting mosquitoes as they suck my blood count down still further. I believe in being kind to animals but this one is just too much! You can read about PETA's latest dumb complaint here.

By the way, PETA, in spite of its activism on behalf of flies (and possibly mosquitoes), has no official position on abortion. That's sorta weird, don't you think? I'll bet they are adamantly opposed to abortion of puppies and kittens. They just haven't quite thought as far as human babies. That's a really excellent (but weird) example of logic not carried to its logical conclusion.

Dear PETA Person...I'll be swatting every mosquito I can. And I'm grateful to the city for spraying for the critters, killing millions of them, no doubt. And I catch flies with one hand, too, when they invade the house, killing them and tossing them in the garbage. I'm pretty good at that. It impresses the grandkids. It's a skill I perfected as a child and still practice today. The only down side is that I immediately have to scrub the germs off my hands with dishsoap. After all, said flies undoubtedly feed on doggy doo doo next door. Lotta germs involved!

I even swing a shoe at any spider I spot in the house. And for that matter, silverfish. And crickets. Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with ground squirrels since the time we lived in California when I had to dig a nest of stinking dead ones that had fallen inside the wall and couldn't get out. Baaaad smell! Wasn't my fault they fell there and died. Was their momma's fault, I guess. What's a ground squirrel doing inhabiting a house, anyway? What's with that?

I do pet my neighbor's cat whenever he visits my deck. I wonder, PETA, if that makes up for every time I put on a pair of leather shoes?

Sometimes I get a bit cynical.

P.S. Laurie's comment reminds me that I, too, encourage those insects that do us good. Lady bugs in the garden are a good thing as are praying mantis and others. And one of those beneficial bugs found wandering in the house will be taken outdoors and let loose. PETA members who are concerned about flies should live in an area where flies abound such as did on the farm where I grew up. Their tune might change in regards to bug control.


Laurie M. said...

I LOVED that video of him swatting the fly. Now, I kill bugs. If they come in my house, that's the end of them (unless they are lady bugs, dragonflies, or mantis', which I save 'cause I think they're beautiful). I do, often, feel compassion for them in that I kill them good and dead. I don't want to cause unnecessary suffering, just in case they actually are capable of such a thing.
I'm a big time animal lover,as you may have noticed - but these PETA people take it way too far.

yiddle said...

I remember Aunt Anna always catching spiders instead of killing them, and letting them go outside.

It's unfortunate that PETA's tactics too often cloud the message that animals should be treated humanely.

Cat Rocketship said...

Sometimes I think that PETA is one big joke organization, along the lines of The Onion.