Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perhaps He Was Only Stretching a Bit.....

I need to add something to my last post...Rather than say the fellow "lied" to me, I should have and will say that he "stretched the truth". Perhaps he did this out of a slight hope that some patients might not lose their hair. Perhaps he "knew" that I already "knew" the answer to my own question and he "knew" I was wanting just a little bit of hope for just a little bit longer.

For whatever reason, I do highly respect the medical people who take care of me. (Nurse Diana is the Best!) And I am grateful that such medical care is not only available but that it is also just down the street. My previous chemo sessions were 65 miles down the road, fair weather or storm. Being able to do this within walking distance of home is a Godsend. (And, hey, I figure losing my hair once again is the least of my worries. It's a nuisance in terms of scarves, hats, etc., but not the most tragic circumstance in the world. I like to keep that in perspective for myself and for you.)

As for today? Several tasks are on my unwritten list today. Hubby has a black wool coat that needs the sleeves shortened. I know how to do that. I promised I would get that done so he can be wearing that coat. Before July. He won't wear it in July. Nor August, September, October. That is a cold-weather coat. Once March is past he will not need it again until cold weather. Right now we are experiencing day temps above 40 F. There will be folks out and about town today in their shirt sleeves. You wait and see!

Tasks on the unwritten list for today:
  1. Shorten sleeves on black wool coat.
  2. My sewingroom/office/craft room needs cleaning.
  3. I will be meeting with a young fellow later today who wants to get his driver's license. We're talking through the instruction manual together. And having a good time visiting while we do that.
  4. A small stack of fabric is waiting to be stitched together into a child's quilt for Project Linus. My email buddy in Ohio is a Project Linus coordinator and I will mail the quilt to her. I want to use my treadle Singer 66 to do that stitching. It's a lovely machine.
  5. Pork chops are calling from the fridge...they want to be ingested later by Hubby and myself. Today they will have their wish. (whoever heard of personified pork chops?)
  6. We volunteer as advocates for an individual and I need to finalize a many-page report with a March deadline.
  7. And, hey, at the top of the list is my intention to enjoy every moment of this day. Beginning with coffee.
Tomorrow I will tell you about KAMUT! With Photos! You may never have heard about Kamut! But tomorrow you will hear and see.



Debby said...

Enjoy your coffee. I passed on word that your tumor marker dropped drastically to our church. The sound you hear is Methodist 'happy feet'!

S. Etole said...

looking forward to tomorrow and KAMUT ...