Monday, March 15, 2010

My Image Has Improved...Just Call Me Henry

A year ago when I lost my hair (thanks to chemo) I was astounded, embarrassed, and a mite bit traumatized to realize that I looked more than a little like Gollum of Lord of the Rings. Especially if I put my fingers behind my ears and snarled. Which I did once, creeping up behind Hubby while he was brushing his teeth. (I made him clean up the resultant toothpaste spatter on the mirror. You can read what I wrote about that in April of 2009 by going here.)

About that same time one of my friends who was also going through chemo thought she looked like Uncle Fester of TV's The Addams Family. I don't know which was worse, being mistaken for Uncle Festus or Gollum! It's probably a toss-up!

So this week, with my newly buzzed pate, when Hubby told me that I looked like "Henry" of the old comic strip fame, I jumped at the chance to get away from the Gollum image. I'd forgotten about Henry! I hadn't seen him since near childhood. I couldn't even remember what Henry looked like until Hubby googled for an image.

I have to agree with Hubby. My new "Henry" look is much preferred over my last year's "Gollum" look. Nicely shaped head, he has, that Henry.

Don't you agree?



ce_squared said...

You're not alone, White Stone. I thought I bore a resemblance to Gollum as well (que horrible!). But, I bet you you look so much better than Henry.

Stay strong,

Gregg said...

So glad you still have such a marvelous sense of humor. Yes, just like Henry.


Nothing wrong with Henry.
Henry is very cool and so are you.

Karen said...

I always loved Henry. Funny, though, I wonder why
I never questioned exactly why he was bald when I was a child?!? Guess I just knew that Henry was Henry, baldness and all.

And you are still the same humorous, gentle, ever-faithful, courageous woman - baldness and all. :)

Debby said...

Henry! I'd forgotten Henry. But it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I still looked like Uncle Fester.

Kelly said...

I haven't thought about Henry in years!

More fun than a comparison to Uncle Fester or Gollum!

Tracey said...

Henry, your one sexy lady hehehe.. I looked like a non descript ugly thing when i was bald... i wore hates or bandanas 24/7!!

Glenda said...

Your sense of humor in the midst of difficult times is so inspiring! You challenge me to lighten up! Thanks!

Renna said...

Henry's a good likeness to resemble. I'd forgotten all about Henry, and doubt my kids (grown) even know who he is. He was pleasant looking, though. ;-)