Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mushrooms! Cheese! Do We Need Anything Else?

Who would think that "ingredients" would be worthy of a blog post? Most times the blogger presents how-to photos of some delicious recipe...most of which are fattening to boot. So I vicariously enjoy a lot of recipes via blogs. Sorta like eye candy. Enjoy the chocolate without the cals.

Today Dandy over at Spontaneous Clapping made me almost fall off my sewing stool (which I use instead of an office chair). She's reviewing some of the specialty shops in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Bop on over there and tell me that you aren't dying to try some of the fresh mushrooms and the cheese! Oh, My, the Cheese place! Today's post is here.

Dandy promises more tomorrow. I'm hoping she sends out samples via Uncle Sam's mail system...skip the photos...just send the samples.

(she said with a hopeless grin)



Mrs. Spit said...

I dream about the Cheese place. Also, the strawberries.

And the olive oil/vinegar place, and the gelatto place.

oh, to be there.

Kelly said...

I'll pass on the mushrooms, but oh that cheese!! The displays in her photos look heavenly! It's the one food I would find it difficult to live without.

Dandy said...

Hee, hee. Cheese for everyone!!

WhiteStone said...

That Dandy! Her response (just above this one) was in answer to the comment I left on her blog. Here's what I wrote in regards to her photos of cheese:

".....Cheese! Oh, Heaven! There will be cheese in heaven, Right? Right? Oh, Please!"

And Dandy, kind soul that she is, replied in the affirmative..."Cheese for everyone!!"

S. Etole said...

looking yummy and inviting ...