Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upon Which A Great Disappointment Descended Upon Me

A great disappointment (minorly speaking) descended upon me this week...

You know I like to knit. And you know I love wool yarn. And if you are a knitter you know that wool yarn is not only lovely but also can be quite expensive.

This week our local consignment shop had a very large bag of (as yet unmarked and unshelved) wool yarn. It sat near the counter when I first walked in the store. There were skeins and skeins! Some with labels which clearly labeled the lovely yarn as "Wool".

So I took a closer look.

And I saw multiple mouse droppings scattered on this skein and that skein. I surreptitiously took a little sniff. Yep, mouse smell.

I had to walk away. Perhaps I will go back and bring home a skein or two and soak well and rinse and lay out to dry. Maybe.

Disclaimer: Please recognize that I recognize that this "great" disappointment is of the lesser kind of this world...it's not exactly a "great" catastrophe in the grand scheme of things eternal. For in the grand scheme of things eternal, this is but a momentary thing. I do know how to keep a proper perspective on things of life! )



Kelly said...

Awww... I'm sorry about the yarn.

And yes, life is filled with little joys and disappointments - not to be confused with the grander scheme of things! Maybe, in part, they are there to help us keep things in perspective??

Back to the yarn. Maybe if you dig deep in the display you will find some that is cleaner!

Twain12 said...

I don't begrudge you the disappointment. The little things is what life is made off.

melissa said...

I understand your disclaimer, but it's not necessary. Simple pleasures, when they fall through, can be very important indeed.

Hope you get your special yarn soon. :)

Mrs. Spit said...

That would really suck.

But don't try and rescue it - life is just not worth it.

S. Etole said...

I understand what you are saying ...

ce_squared said...

This is not a minor disappointment at all. I love to knit as well and I've found it a comfort to be able to do so in the past year. ABSOLUTELY understand your disappointment, my friend. So, no disclaimer needed. I've found these websites to be great sources for quality, affordable yarn (wool or other).


I don't know what life would be without them. :-)

(So, no need to bring home skeins with mouse droppings)

Stay strong!

Caroline said...

There will be more yarn. You can leave that there - but it is a disappointment when you see something and it grabs you but you can't have it.

Linda said...

Yes--It is a disappointment--especially when in your mind you were already creating with it! Sometimes the little things are more frustrating than major things!

Debby said...

Dig wearing gloves, though, okay. You don't need to pick up the hanta virus on top of cancer.

Renna said...

Oh, my, that would indeed be disappointing. Drat. :-/

Tracey said...

what a shame about the wool.. one thing though.. how on earth did you know what mouse pee smelt like? hehe

Marian S. said...

The nurse in me had to find out more about Hantavirus. Velly intellesting! You can get it from (deer) mouse droppings, bites or inhalation of contaminated dust. (not good for people who remodel old houses, like my son). Symptoms start out like the flu, then develop into respiratory failure quickly. There's not much to treat it and around half of all reported cases are fatal.
Most people are infected in their own home! (Yikes!)
Here's the rest of the article.