Thursday, March 18, 2010

Someone Invent This For Me. Please!

Someone needs to invent a keyboard that one can take to bed. I'm thinking something "remote" such as special mitts that allow the fingers to "strike" the keys in mid-air.

Having spent my working years typing zillions and gazillions of documents my fingers sometimes "type" along as I am thinking. I think I could type my dreams if I had an invention that would translate my "typing" into a word document.

My sleep cycle has changed. Six months ago while I was off chemo, my nights were restful and quiet. Now my mind just chatters on and on and I awaken, look at the clock, roll over, do some more tossing with more chattering inside my head. My dreams have become verbose and I cannot stop them.

These chatterings are usually topical. Last night I can't tell you all the kinds and types of cake plates I thought of ... milk glass ... with handles ... removeable plates of different sizes that could be simply placed over the handle. Surprisingly, there was no cake. My dreams have not progressed to "high calorie" but maybe that will happen.

I hope one of you will invent this "typing" invention so that you can make a zillion bucks and I can at least come up with a useful blogpost after a night of tossing and turning.

At least I seem to awaken refreshed and ready for the day, so perhaps all is not lost.

Today's word: Verbose - containing more words than necessary...such as in most of my posts!
*wry smile*




I'm sure some computer geek is already working one and it will be in Walmart by Christmas.

Bill said...

I remember reading about something like this a year or two back and it was already invented, if not in actuality then in theory - virtual keyboards and screens to take you into the virtual world.

I am certain they will be common place in the future. Of course, by then or not long after, you will probably be able to do it straight out of your brain. No need to type at all.

gvandyk said...

They do have a program called Dragon, Naturaly speaking, where you speak and the computer types. But it is in the future yet where it can read you thoughts.

John said...

I have those chatterings in my head as I try to sleep, too. The voices are usually those from whatever book I was reading that evening.

And I don't think your posts are verbose. By the way, I took your advice the other day--I tried to have an interesting title to a blog post. It was almost enough like some of yours to have been considered stealing ("Wherein I wax nostalgic while...). Probably a poor imitation.

Caroline said...

The hospital I go to has TV/computers on an arm over the bed that you can move around. It comes with a detachable keyboard that hangs off the bottom if you want to use it as a computer. Sort of the same thing I think. Anyway, while hospitalized, I would surf and write at 3 am if I couldn't sleep.