Monday, March 8, 2010

Preparing You For the Elizabeth Redeye Mystery!

I went down to the library this weekend and sat with four quilting friends around a quilting frame. These quilters have been meeting faithfully for years and they've quilted many a quilt. I join them now and then. On the way out the door I noticed this yellow tape. Some heavy chunks of ice had fallen from the high tile roof. Sure glad I wasn't standing there when it happened!
The sun was shining so when I got home I left the garage door open to let in the solar energy. It looks like some Neighbor Kitty found the open door and thought the hood of the car was a cozy place. Kitty padded here and there, leaving gray kitty prints all over the hood.

This afternoon I took my little jar of sourdough starter out of the fridge and mixed it together with flour and water. Tomorrow morning I'll put a small amount back in the fridge and I'll add more flour and water to this and let it sit overnight again. Wednesday I'll toss it in the breadmaker with the rest of the necessary ingredients and make some bread. I'm no expert at sourdough so I don't follow any standard formula (some of those bread artisans take their craft seriously! I'm just out to make a loaf of bread!). See that Pyrex bowl? The glass lids can be inverted and the bowls can be stacked which makes for nice storage in the fridge. You can read about my love for Pyrex bowls here.

And now, the Mystery! The Redeye Mystery! Tomorrow I will tell you about Elizabeth Redeye and about her trip from Ohio to Iowa riding in the back of a silver pickup.

To tantalize you a bit I will tell you Elizabeth Redeye is a gorgeous and well-kept lady. We will have many photos tomorrow.

And if you have any idea as to Elizabeth's real identity, leave a comment!


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Kelly said...

I have no idea who Elizabeth Redeye is.....but you certainly have my curiosity up!!

The kitty prints made me smile.
: )