Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Self Disclosure and Geometrical Progression

It's always slightly startling to me when readers leave lovely comments...I'm not exactly the most profound person in the world. And frankly, since last year's chemo, I feel my brain is even less than it was. My written words seem more stilted, even when I edit and re-edit. I am a victim of "Chemo Brain" as we cancer patients call it.

So when Greg, over at Gospel Driven Disciples gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award I was a bit surprised. And humbled.

According to the rules I'm supposed to share seven interesting things about myself...and nominate seven other beautiful bloggers.

Seven interesting things!? Hey, I'm just a farm girl from Iowa...a bit on the white-haired side...I grew up in the Sixties! Vietnam era! Hippies! I never became a Hippie...life was too busy.

Interesting things? Here goes!

#1 - I once toured the Denver Broncos' locker room. Eat your heart out, Guys!

#2 - My first job out of high school was working for "the" Howard Hughes. I never met him. I never even saw him. When he visited the plant we were instructed to stay out of certain areas where he would be touring. I never inherited any of his millions/billions.

#3 - My assertive/aggressive personality is entirely the fault of growing up in the midst of four brothers - two older, two younger. My personality is their fault, entirely. Blame them, not me! SOMEone had to keep them out of trouble and the task fell to me. It warped me, it did! The blame for who I am today can be layed squarely at their feet. Not my fault. Nope! Not!

#4 - Speaking of my four brothers, as children we learned to swim in the Little Sioux River. By half-drowning. Multiple times of half-drowning. Without adult supervision. We were a hardy bunch.

#5 - Books were one of my favorite things growing up. I don't suppose Walter Farley's Black Stallion series or Zane Grey's westerns count as classics, do they?? Perhaps Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague?

#6 - Having grown up on a farm I know how to grab a chicken from the pen, chop off its head, clean it (either cut up or whole), and have it ready for dinner. I said I "know how"...I don't think I care to do it these days. But I could if I had to.

#7 - I believe God called me as a young child, under the age of five...and I grew up in the church...but I was astounded in my twenties when I first understood the theology of John 1:1-3 and John 1:14. The eternal divinity of Christ was the most momentous understanding of my adult walk with God...that Jesus was the incarnate God, the Creator. It astounded me and caused a great spiritual thirst in my heart to know more.

Wow...get me talking about "self" and I could go on. But I must stop.

As for nominating seven others? I enjoy reading a variety of blogs, some of which include Yiddle (my artist/geek daughter), Mennonite Girls Can Cook (yummy farm cookin'), Wrestling With An Angel (poignant and heart full), Spousal Care Giving (the heart of a care giver), Beauty for Ashes (sometimes intensely deep and sometimes just plain fun), Iron Sharpens Iron (a new blog, two in tandem), and finally, to challenge those who think more deeply than I, Taste That Which is Good. Of course, there are a lot of other good blogs out there...Debby, a fellow cancer survivor; Bill of Wasilla, Mrs. Spit, and the list could go on.

(P.S. even tho the "rules" says the seven bloggers are to pass it forward, they need not feel guilty if they decline...it's like a giant chain letter...if seven nominate seven ad infinitum...well..the geometrical progression would be 7x7=49, then 343; 2401; 16,807; 117,649; 823,543; and by the time the award was passed forward seven times, the potential would be 5,764,801. That, Folks, is why Uncle Sam has made chain letters through the US Post Service illegal. And that, Folks, is also why you should never "forward this email" to everyone in your email address book.

Headin' to the kitchen for oatmeal and a second cuppa.

Hope your day is a good one.


Scott said...

Whitestone, was very happy when I saw you awarded at Gregg's blog yesterday.

Thanks for letting us in on a few things we didn't know. Enjoyed the math lesson, WOW.

Karen said...

Enjoyed reading more about you, Whitestone, and I always feel encouraged when reading your blog! Thanks, friend!

Debby said...

Wait...you're not profound? Um. May I argue the point?

Kelly said...

You know, I hate having to do these kinds of "fact sharing" things myself, but I sure enjoy reading those of others! Yours was quite interesting! .... and for the record, I happen to think your writing is quite eloquent and profound!

Sheri said...

I grew up on a farm on the Little Sioux too. Did swim in it but learned to swim in Lake Okoboji :)
Good times.

Tina said...

I LOVE your blog. I always learn something new.
And I'm jealous of your ability to write so well, even with chemo brain!

ce_squared said...

I echo what Tina said. I love reading your blog. You're quite the good writer. You certainly deserve the accolade. :-)