Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is This What You Call "Pretty in Pink"?

You may never had reason to notice. But I have. And I got a mite perturbed about it today.

It seems every women's clothing store on the planet has its "pink" section...you know, a lovely display of "pink" blouses, sweaters, purses, bags, pink bracelets, etc...all of which is to remind their customers that they are "supporting breast cancer research". Businesses who sell to women know it is a good marketing idea to be on board in fighting this disease that affects so many. And so they sell "pink".

I'm glad to see businesses do this. Mine is not breast cancer...but I'm happy to see the interest and emphasis on research that will mean more lives saved amongst my breast cancer friends. I figure whatever research benefits them will eventually benefit other cancers as well, one way or another.

But today I became a little peeved. I was looking for a couple new hats or scarves with which to cover my once-again bald head. Today I was standing in front of this long wall of "pink" items, each one bearing a cute girly slogan of some sort or other, all of which were intended to lift the spirits of those who deal with breast cancer or which could be worn by family and friends of those who are fighting this disease.

But you know what? Not a single, solitary stitch of head gear for those of us (breast or other cancer) who go bald for months while we go through chemo! Not a single stitch!

The least they could do is include a head band or a baseball cap or hat or square scarf of a size to tie as a bandana. Of any color! Wouldn't ya think!!!!!!

Disclaimer (or reassurance to the fact) ...I do have a wig and a number of hats, caps and scarves but I wanted to add a new cap or scarf to my headgear. (I did manage to find a great cap in red at another store...on sale!)



Caroline said...

I really detest the pinkification of breast cancer garments and tchochkes, etc... I do not wear things with pink ribbons. I think you deserve a bright red new hat for your head and a matching new pair of shoes. If not red, then your favorite color. And a manicure or something else. This cancer business gets to be a bit depressing and if we can at least try to look our best with a new hat, we should be able to.

Dorothy said...

Yes. I would think so! Personally, I love pink, just for itself, "unlinked" to any cancer in particular. And its such a feminine color! You would think that they'd have at least have one pretty pink hat!

Karen said...

I remember that I would have difficulty finding a pretty scarf that was large enough to cover my head, but not too large that it looked askew when it was folded and tied in the back. Hats never felt comfortable to me. I did end up with several nice scarves, though, and I remember receiving quite a few compliments on them.

Hope you can find what you're looking for, for it did lift my spirits when I felt pretty while wearing them.

Oh, I remember ordering some hats and scarves through a catalogue, but I don't recall the name.

Kelly said...

I'm not fond of pink, but that's beside the point. I've never really understood if all the pink stuff was just for breast cancer or for ALL kinds of cancer. I guess you answered that for me.

I love camo. Bet you can find a cute cap or bandana in the sporting goods store in a nice mossy oak!

marylea said...

I wonder if all the pink merchandise that is sold is somehow providing financial support for cancer research. That is the implication. But while the clothing industry is great about marketing, it comes up short on really providing what we need. Your illustration is a good one. Congrats on the new red hat and hope your hair is growing in again soon. God bless!

Debby said...

You know, I never noticed before. I'm going to check things out here, as well.

~ J ~ said...

I understand the whole breast cancer unity thing....and all the pink ribbons and items adorned with it but I found it to be a bit much while going through treatment. I kind of always wondered why we were putting so much importance on breast cancer and quietly keeping the secret that its not the only cancer killing women....the walks are amazing and the fund raising is CRAZY....the money is for research that I am sure will help other forms of cancer....it just made me feel like my cancer was just a little less important. It doesnt help that I dont like pink all that much and i am much more a camo girl ( HI KELLY!!) and they do have some cute camo hats by the way!!

WhiteStone said...

I think there are ten breast cancers per one ovarian cancer. So it makes sense to fund research that will help the larger number of people. There is, however, ovarian research going on as well. For instance, the clinical trial that I was on last year is coming to a close soon. And already the results of that trial have indicated the trial drug, Avastin, as being helpful in terms of rates of recurrence. There are multiple such trials ongoing. And I'm thankful for that!

~ J ~ said...

I didnt know the numbers...so I guess it does make sense. I actually saw a commercial for cervical cancer the other day and was surprised!!

Im glad that your trial has provided good information.....lets keep them coming!!!

julie said...

Oh yes!! I always find the mountains of Pink annoying. The problem for me is the funding. There's really no way to know how much $$ actually goes to support research - or what research/support is actually funded. How much money of that kitty litter with a pink ribbon is really being spent on something useful? So much of it just seems like a cynical marketing ploy. I would much rather have the company make an outright donation, then tell us about it in an ad or on their packaging: Jolly Green Sausages just donated $5000 to breast cancer (or whatever) research.

Anyhow, hope you find more things you like:)

Daria said...

When I was first diagnosed ... I hate all the breast cancer pink stuff. Now I have a change in heart ... not sure why but I don't mind it.

You are right ... should have some head gear.